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30 April 2020


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Large businesses: turnkey system integration

Corporate information infrastructure affects all business processes. Therefore, the proper functioning of the infrastructure allows you not only to avoid such major risks as business downtime but also to propel the company’s business structure to the next level, provided that the right approach is applied.

Despite the difficult economic conditions, the tasks of system integration and ensuring information security are always relevant for large companies in various industries.
ICL Services has many years of experience in this area and provides a comprehensive range of services for large companies with a wide branch network and a large number of employees. They are also important for those who have a high level of automation and end-to-end business processes that are supported by several information systems and services.
The following services are provided:

1. Engineering systems and solutions. This category includes comprehensive security systems: from inspection of the protected facility, development of the concept of physical protection and design documentation to equipment delivery, installation, commissioning and maintenance of the implemented system.
Fire safety systems are also in our area of responsibility. Starting turnkey work at an early stage of the project, experts will be able to choose the most effective solutions that allow large businesses to reduce costs and optimise the resources for providing fire protection for the facility by selecting the optimal technologies and equipment types for each facility.

2. The range of services in the field of system integration contains a separate category covering information security services, which includes network security and protection of applications, data, users and user services as well as access control and protection of process control systems.
This area of activity allows you to ensure both the implementation of internal information security policies of enterprises and to comply with the requirements of regulators in respect of the implemented IT systems.

3. The range of ICT infrastructure solutions satisfies the needs of companies from telecom, industrial, retail and financial sectors, fuel and energy complex as well as state enterprises. This category includes network infrastructure and telephony services, cloud infrastructure, virtualisation, monitoring and analytics systems etc.

The entire range of services in the field of system integration allows you to improve the information infrastructure due to the maximum efficiency of the cooperation of existing IT systems, which, in turn, underlies the competitive advantage of the business as a whole.

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