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This service is for you if:
  • Your company is a large financial organization (bank, insurance company) with a branch network; you need to set up network security and ensure protection of confidential information in terms of meeting the regulatory requirements.
  • Your company introduced a high level of automation, its end-to-end business processes are supported by several information systems and services.
  • Your company’s business processes are supported by a large number of employees.
The information security service package covers the following areas:
  • Network security
  • Application protection 
  • Protection of users and user devices 
  • Data protection
  • Access control 
  • Protection of automatic process control systems

Services rendered:
  • Personal data protection 
  • Information security in production and technological processes 
  • Protection of state information systems 
  • Building of an information security concept and an IS development program 
  • Threat modelling and risk identification 
  • Development of regulatory and organizational/administrative documentation on information security 
  • Information security systems design 
  • Survey and formulating requirements 
  • Implementation of information security tools and performance of certification tests 
  • Computer systems certification for compliance with information protection requirements

Main areas include the following components:

Network security:
  • Network firewalls (NGFW,FW, UTM, IPS/IDS) 
  • Building of virtual private networks (VPN) 
  • Network access control (NAC) 
  • Network anomaly detection (NAD) 
  • Systems for analyzing and optimizing firewall policies
IT infrastructure security:
  • E-mail security 
  • Endpoint protection from unauthorized access 
  • Tools for trusted downloads 
  • Antivirus protection tools
  • Security analysis scanners 
  • Secure Internet access 
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) 
  • Honeypots 
  • Endpoint detection and response (EDR) for advanced threats 
  • Centralized authentication management systems 
  • Public key infrastructure (PKI) 
  • Enterprise resource protection via TLS VPN 
  • Protection from targeted attacks 
  • Virtual environment protection
Web application protection:
  • Web application firewall 
  • Source code security audit
Cyber protection of automatic process control systems:
  • Industrial network anomaly detection (INAD)
  • Tail node protection 
  • Industrial firewalls
  • Unidirectional gateways
Comprehensive information audit:
  • Audit of processes and data flows 
  • Audit of existing information security systems
  • Performance analysis of the applied information security means and methods
  • Security audit of IT infrastructure and information systems
A set of measures to assess compliance with the requirements:
  • 149-FZ “On Information, Information Technology and Information Protection” 
  • Protection of State Information Systems (Order by the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control of Russia No. 17 dated February 11, 2013)
  • 152-FZ “On Personal Data”
  • 187-FZ “On the Security of Critical Information Infrastructure of the Russian Federation”

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