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This service is for you if:
  • Your company is a large enterprise with a vast coverage area or branch network.
  • The company has a strict access policy, so it is important to establish objective access control.
  • Your company needs to optimize the operation of the private security company (PSC) and your own security service to reduce payments.
  • Your company needs to monitor compliance with safety measures in production processes, investigation of incidents and prevention of illegal actions.
  • It is important for you to control and record employee time (temporary/permanent staff, etc.).
  • You have fire safety prescriptive orders from regulatory authorities.
  • Your organization is introducing new facilities or reconstructing the existing ones.
The service package related to engineering systems and solutions includes the following: 

1. Integrated security systems. 

An integrated security system is a set of technical devices and subsystems designed to ensure security at the facility. The main components of such a system are: 

  • CCTV systems;
  • Intrusion alarm;
  • Network access control service. 
  • Countering terrorist attacks
Contacting us, you will receive a full range of services related to integrated security systems, including inspection of the secured facility, development of the physical security concept, development of project documentation, equipment delivery, installation, commissioning and maintenance of the mounted system.

We will also conduct training for company employees in safe and effective methods of working with the system.

2. Fire protection systems

There is only one way to secure your property, business and production from fire, and organize sufficient control of this aspect in any building — by providing comprehensive fire protection.

We develop a turnkey solution and select most effective and suitable technologies and products at an early stage of the project, so as to allow you to reduce costs and optimize resources for ensuring fire protection at the facility.

The main components in the integrated fire protection systems are: 

  • Automatic Fire Alarm (AFA);
  • Alarm and Evacuation Management System (AEMS);
  • Automatic Fire Extinguishing System (AFES).
To ensure comprehensive fire protection, it is necessary to create a complex engineering system that prevents the fires and enables urgent action in case of their emergence. Such a system provides for the implementation of a wide range of works, including design, installation, commissioning.

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