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24 January 2019


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ICL Services Launches Comprehensive Predictive Monitoring Service

ICL Services launches a service that allows you to track any problems at DBMS, frontend, backend, and mobile applications in a timely manner. The solution is especially important for large companies form retail and banking industries. After all, how quickly the IT service will be notified about the degradation of the service depends on the possibility of preventing losses from business downtime.

The monitoring service is implemented by the company as follows:

  1. Inventory of IT infrastructure and monitoring system.
  2. Identification of key problems in the work of IT services, business applications, IT infrastructure. Comparison with IT and business expectations.
  3. Diagnostics of the functioning of IT services and individual elements of the client’s IT infrastructure using the Application Performance Management* (APM) agents for 1 month.
  4. Development of a set of measures to bring the availability of IT applications, IT services and infrastructure components in line with business expectations.
  5. Implementation of Dynatrace. Deployment of the solution in client’s infrastructure. Setting of necessary agents to identify threats and any negative impacts at the user level in 24×7×365 mode.
  6. Integration of Dynatrace with client’s ITSM system and with current infrastructure monitoring system.

In contrast to the traditional approach, when work on the resumption of activities starts after an incident has been recorded, the monitoring solution of ICL Services begins to «raise the alarm» long before its occurrence, preemptively fixing a potential decrease in working capacity. Thereby, the IT service has time to solve the problem.

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As a result, operational and capital costs for the customer are reduced, the quality of the IT service is improved, and a transparent and understandable result of IT investments appears.

* Application Performance Management


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