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7 May 2018


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ICL Services Implements a Service Desk For 200 Restaurants

ICL Services has implemented the Service Desk—a single contact point for receiving, registering, coordinating, and resolving any IT-related queries in the Russian branch of Yum! Brands that operates KFC and Pizza Hut.

An ITSM system on the basis of Omnitracker Clever Engine was deployed at Yum! Brands, but there was no single query queue and processing service that would moderate all the incoming applications. At the same time, the company was trying to minimize the number of incorrectly classified queries and speed up their resolution. To do so, the company had to automate the processing of queries from all Russian restaurants of Yum! Brands

ICL Services has implemented the first and the second lines of user support and improved feedback system for 200 restaurants operated by Yum! Brands. About 100 thousand queries have been processed since the Service Desk implementation.

"The first line is resolving the increasing number of tasks now making it possible to relieve other employees of Yum! Brands. The customer presents new services to the support service periodically, and we create new instructions. We look forward to speeding up query processing and reducing the number of people engaged in their resolution," says Aleksey Khazov, Service Manager at ICL Services.


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