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15 September 2020


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ICL Services and Logio became official partners

IT outsourcing company ICL Services signed a partnership agreement with the Czech developer Logio.

As part of the partnership agreement, the parties are working on the implementation of the Planning Wizard IT system developed by Logio for demand forecasting, inventory levels optimization and managing the supply chain of retailers and FMCG manufacturers. Today, Logio is completing the implementation of its solution in one of the largest retail chains in Europe, which will become one of the largest projects of this format on the market and may be potentially necessary for a number of the largest domestic customers.
Martin Kment, CEO of Logio Rus, Ltd:

«Entering the Russian market, we, as a company that develops system solutions for forecasting and planning demand, considered ICL Services as a strategic partner. At the beginning of the year we signed a strategic agreement, and today we have already trained ICL Services specialists in our services in order to be together leaders in supply chain management in Russia. »

Sergey Solovyev, Director of ICL Services:

«We are interested in working with Logio from the point of view of providing modern solutions for digitalization of business, logistics supplies, warehouse management specifically for those target markets where we are especially successful, where we have been working for a long time and fruitfully. We see that new cooperation will bring new results in the form of new contracts and implemented projects, as well as help expand our business in Russia, relying on the best practices of projects implemented by Logio abroad.»
Additional Information
Logio is a consulting agency from Prague, Czech Republic, specializing in logistics and supply chain management. The company is a developer of solutions for intelligent supply chain management for the largest manufacturing companies, wholesalers and retail trade and pharmacy chains, pharmaceuticals based on the Data Analytics platform.


ICL Services is a large system integrator (member of the ICL group of companies), providing a full range of services on domestic and international markets. The company employs more than 2,000 workers who successfully interact with more than 80 clients from 30 countries around the world, providing IT services 24 hours 7 days a week in Russian, English, French and German. ICL Services offices are located in Kazan, Moscow, Voronezh, Vladivostok and Belgrade (Serbia).



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