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5 November 2015


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How to support the availability of IT services in a business process?

Today the dependence of business on IT is very high. There are some sectors in which virtually all activity is based on solutions and products supplied by IT companies.

Changing business views on the provision of IT services result in the need to implement the management process for their availability.

IT service management gives customers the ability to coordinate the company’s IT infrastructure with changing business requirements.

This requires an appropriate balance between the level of risks and financial losses and the availability of company IT services. All this can be done timely and efficiently from an economic point of view and be accompanied by the reduction of risks associated with the availability of IT services.

«IT service availability management» includes:

  • preparation and supervision of the implementation of the IT service availability management plan;
  • preparation of proposals to optimize the availability of IT infrastructure;
  • reporting and analytics on the availability of IT services and IT infrastructure components;
  • support in configuration of IT service availability management automation software;
  • control of meeting objectives values on IT service availability.

Various means of automation should be used for intelligent equipment monitoring and process management. For example, vSphere, OpenStack and Hyper-V virtualization environments use VMware vRealize Operations Insight, vRealize Automation and vRealize Business Management solutions. We use CA Spectrum and CA Process Automation for data networking and Microsoft System Center and other solutions for corporate IT environment.

As a result, business expenses and losses associated with the unavailability of IT services are reduced to 80%.

«Proactive service, feasibility of IT costs and uninterrupted availability — these are the three main effects achieved by the implementation of the management process,» notes the Data Center Infrastructure Department Head Sergei Nedashkovskiy. «Other positive results include the fact that a customer will have only one person responsible for the availability of IT services, the frequency and duration of IT service failures will be reduced and the focus will shift from error correction to service improvement.»


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