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IT services availability management

  • Up to 80 % reduction in business costs and losses associated with the IT services unavailability
  • 5-fold increase in the IT services availability
  • The increase up to 50 % of IT services customer satisfaction
  • 20 + skilled analytical group
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This service is for you if:
  • You want to find out if the IT infrastructure meets current and future business needs in the context of the IT services availability
  • You are interested in business loss reduction due to IT services unavailability
  • You want to provide required accessibility levels of IT services for your business
  • You want to exactly know how much investment and when will be required for the IT infrastructure modernization

IT services availability management — is the best way to meet the company’s IT infrastructure with business requirements in a timely manner and reduce the risks associated with the IT services availability.

The main goal of IT services availability management is to optimize the ability of IT infrastructure, services and external IT service providers to ensure cost-effective level of accessibility that will allow you to achieve your business goals.

IT services availability management includes:

  • preparing and controlling implementation plan of the IT services availability management
  • IT services availability management optimization proposals
  • IT services and IT infrastructure components availability analytics and reporting
  • Assistance in software automation configuration of IT services availability management
  • Control of IT services availability management goals achievement.

We use various automation solutions for the intelligent monitoring of physical equipment and process control, for example, for vSphere, OpenStack and Hyper-V virtualization environments we use VMware vRealize Operations Insight, vRealize Automation and vRealize Business Management, for networks we use CA Spectrum and CA Process Automation, for the enterprise IT environment — Microsoft System Center and other solutions.

IT services availability management includes
  1. Implemented in collaboration with the IT services customer.

  2. Coordination of customer requirements with its IT infrastructure willingness.

  3. Methods, techniques and calculations sets management which are required for the reporting and measurements conducting.

  1. Availability management plan development

    • Availability management plan development that will allow the service provider to maintain and improve the services accessibility level in line with targets.
  2. Monitoring

    • Monitoring of all aspects related to the availability and reliability of services and supporting components.
  1. IT infrastructure availability levels improvement proposals. Risk assessment and management activities assistance.

  2. Understanding the current and future business needs in the services and its components availability.

  3. Proactive services availability improvement, where it is cost-effective and meets the business needs.

  1. Collection and analysis of measurement results, the formation of regular and special (for individual cases) services and components availability reports.

  2. Assist in the identification and resolution of all problems and issues related to the services and their components unavailability.

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— Dmitry Prokofiev

expert in IT services availability management

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