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6 February 2017


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Development of IT Outsourcing in 2017

At this very moment outsourcing revolution might be at its peak. It has reshaped and restructured the way business operates today. There is no branch of industry that hasn’t undergone at least one change because of outsourcing.

The IT industry is known to be one that has quite a fast advancement pace and this also holds true when it comes to the adoption of new outsourcing trends. Many IT companies are growing because they have become an outsourcing partner of larger corporations.

Recently published by Computer economics, the IT outsourcing Statistics 2016/2017 study clearly shows the net percentage of organizations increasing the amount of work outsourced. All of the IT work being outsourced can be categorized by ten IT functions, not necessarily in this order: web operations, network operations, IT security, desktop support, database administration, application maintenance, data center operations, application development, application hosting and help desk services.

Customer Oriented Business Model

Since the user experience, customer satisfaction rate and customer relationship management are very huge trends in all businesses, the outsourcing of help desk services, desktop support and disaster recovery will prove to have the best value for companies. This is also a unique way to harness the power of IT outsourcing and increase service levels.

Online wikis and knowledge bases are widely being recognized by businesses worldwide as viable solutions that not only help increase customer satisfaction rates, but also employee productivity and efficiency. 

Data Security

Data security will be also one of the most outsourced IT function, but this trend isn’t surprising at all when you take into consideration the development of new technologies. Security concerns have always been present on the global scale and with so many new technologies the level of concern is only being raised. The Internet of Things is also becoming a huge trend.

But with so many various devices and sensors connected online security really becomes an important task. According to the research that we have mentioned in one of the first paragraphs, IT security leads the way with a net of 59% of organizations planning to increase the outsourcing of this function.

Specialized BPO service providers can safely assume that there will be an increased demand for security-as-a-service from all businesses.

Automated Processes

Since the beginning of industrialization times the ease and efficiency of business processes were always in the focus of the reformers and revolutionaries. The outsourcing industry offers exactly this to businesses and we may expect to see further advancements in this field.

There is nothing that can tell us that big IT players won’t come up with new solutions that will further increase automation and scalability. We can already see platforms that are reusable. The tech and app support for the Internet of Things as a service is yet another IT function that is being outsourced.

Cloud Based Technology

The outsourcing market has been shaped by cloud technology. Since cloud technology is still a trend, we can expect to see even more businesses moving to the cloud this year. Agility and efficiency of business processes is greatly enhanced by using cloud tech, and it can be pushed forward only by using innovative and improved cloud-based services and big data management services, all offered by specialized BPO service providers.

Deeper Integration

IT outsourcing service providers are moving forward, incorporating deeper client integration into their own work process. By having the client in the loop, IT companies will have a better insight on the work process and the company culture of their clients.

Also, by keeping the lines of communication open, it will be easier to meet the needs of clients and reach all the goals in time. This particular development of IT outsourcing is incredibly important and it clearly shows that any business process closely related to the business core cannot be left in the hands of total strangers.

As you can see, there will be many new developments in the field of IT outsourcing during 2017. By now, it is clear that outsourcing is a two-way street. It is not only remodeling the business operations of clients, but also those of outsourcing partners. We are looking forward to meeting the new trends that will shape the outsourcing industry, especially the IT sector, which seems to have been the most susceptible and reactive to changes so far.

Author is Catherine Park.


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