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11 February 2015


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Design and implementation of OpenStack- based cloud solution

Cloud computing market is growing steadily. According to the studies of the leading Russian and foreign analyst companies, new services and even sectors appear in the cloud computing sphere. More and more companies and end users are interested in creating cloud solutions on the basis of own data centers. After all, such migration to the cloud infrastructure allows companies to significantly reduce costs through higher standardization and automation of infrastructure and individual service deployment.

What is OpenStack?

OpenStack is one of the most popular solutions for own public or private clouds deployment — it is a free open source product developed by more than 400 companies worldwide.

OpenStack platform is an optimal solution for an information system complex used to provide users with services of different levels and scales.

Business benefits

Creating an OpenStack-based cloud infrastructure allows a company to reduce the time spent to create servers down to 5 minutes and significantly cut costs. This is possible due to flexible and effective resource organization and management tools, as well as monitoring of the status and usage of these resources according to the business objectives.

Design and implementation of OpenStack-based cloud solution

Creating your own OpenStack-based cloud solution is a complex and time-consuming process: you need to know all architectural features, limitations and capabilities of the platform. Additionally, a proper integration with the data center infrastructure must be performed and this leads to significant labor costs and requires knowledge of a wide range of technologies — networks, data storage, virtualization, image creation. In this regard, ICL Services independently provides out the « Design and implementation of OpenStack-based cloud solution.» With this service our clients can receive ready-made cloud and virtualization platforms in no time. Certified ICL Services experts have broad experience allowing them to choose the most appropriate solution and are ready to apply their knowledge to design and deploy your cloud infrastructure platform.

This service will help reduce the duration of OpenStack infrastructure deployment by up to 50%.


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