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Cloud solution based on OpenStack

  • 30+ engineers in Cloud technologies
  • 40+ certificates Red Hat, Oracle, IBM
  • Reduce server deployment time to 5 mins
  • Reduce time for project deployment up to 50%
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This service is for you if:
  • It is required to reduce the financial and time costs to launch new services / servers
  • It is required to consume compute resources more effitient
  • You want to reduce unplanned downtime of business processes
  • You are interested in the development of complex it modernization solutions
  • You already have an cloud, but there is a need to upgrade it or extend its functionality
  • You need high level of standardization in infrastructure management

These days, IT costs is a significant part of any company’s budget. As a result — the business is constantly looking to reduce these costs and be more efficient. But it is not possible to achieve these efficiency gains without fundamental changes in IT such as automation, self-service, cloud services underpinned by SLAs.

Curently OpenStack is one of the fastest growing IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) cloud solutions. OpenStack is used by the leading IT companies in the world who migrate applications to OpenStack-based environment and deliver as IT services to their users and customers in a more agile and efficient way. OpenStack makes it possible to use the new cloud-driven approach for managing your infrastructure.

Building cloud infrastructure is quite a complex undertaking. Each step requires a professional approach: analysis of the current infrastructure, integration in the given conditions, taking into account further scalability, as well as further support and extended functionality.

As part of this service, ICL Services offers all required activities to implement your cloud infrastructure based on OpenStack. You will leverage our end-to-end expertise to implement the solution quckly and migrate your infrastructure to the cloud.

The service includes:

  • Designing OpenStack infrastructure according to your requirements (OpenStack services, Storage system (Enterprise-level Storage, Ceph, Gluster, etc), Monitoring system, System management, Self-Service portal, Resource management).
  • OpenStack module/plugin development — add new features,etc
  • OpenStack infrastructure deployment
  • Migration to OpenStack
  • Cloud support
  • User and technical support education

The service includes the following versions of OpenStack:

  • Free OpenStack: Juno, Kilo, Liberty, etc
  • Red Hat OpenStack Platform
  • Ericsson Cloud Execution Environment
  • RackSpace Cloud
  • Canonical OpenStack
  • SuSE Cloud
  • Other enterprise versions of OpenStack

Your benefits:

  • Infrastructure cost reduction;
  • Complex solution implemented by a team of professionals
  • 7/24 support;
  • Regular service optimization

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    — Dmitry Prokofiev

    expert in cloud solution based on OpenStack

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