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A branch of Yum! Brands operating KFC and Pizza Hut is developing an extensive restaurant chain in Russia. In December 2016, Yum! and ICL Services jointly integrated the Service Desk—a single contact point for receiving, registering, and resolving all the user queries. The Service Desk made it possible to improve classification of queries, accelerate their processing, and resolve 17% of tickets at the first line level.

Key Challenges

Restaurant employees create tickets using the self-service portal to process IT service issues. Since IT systems at restaurants are complex, employees sometimes have difficulty with classifying an incident or query by service or ticket type. That is why every fifth IT support ticket is classified incorrectly. As a result, it is included in the irrelevant group for processing by the internal IT service. For this reason, it takes longer to process tickets, or tickets are even lost. To solve the problem of incorrect ticket classification, Yum! Brands applied to ICL Services—one of the leading international IT outsourcing companies. An ITSM system on the basis of Omnitracker Clever Engine was deployed at Yum! Brands, but there was no single query queue and processing service that would moderate all the incoming requests, process them correctly, and assign to resolution groups. Restaurant employees reported the problems to the IT service of the central office of Yum! Brands or to external contractors. But users who applied to contractors directly sometimes received delayed or even no responses. For this reason, users had to control the ticket resolution process themselves. The company failed to process tickets itself and outsourced the IT support service.

Goals and objectives

  • At least 99% of online and phone requests had to be processed and directed correctly
  • Request classification time: 15 minutes
  • Call receive time: up to 30 seconds for 95% of calls
  • Feedback on the ticket resolution quality for 20% of requests

Implemented our solution

  1. ICL Services began to gather a team for the first line of support in November 2016. To get a better understanding of the customer equipment and systems, ICL Services employees underwent two training sessions. Two employees were trained to use the R-keeper PoS software. The knowledge base was created from scratch taking account of the customer input data. In total, about 400 ticket types were identified.

    Six people began providing first-line support on December 1, 2016. Two of them were closing tickets during the nighttime. The team of 10 people was created within a month in the beginning of 2017 and managed to provide the first line of support in the 24/7 mode.

    In January, there were critical moments due to heavy workload and insufficient knowledge: employees worked four night shifts in a row. But in February, no emergencies were faced during the project.

    «We were in direct communication with the customer almost 24 hours each day. Yum! Brands employees always responded to our queries and requests in time. Now, we can always solve a problem quickly via chat. If necessary, we stay in touch even off hours. Such a swift and efficient communication with customers is rare,» notes Aleksey Khazov, Service Manager at ICL Services.
  2. If a user chooses a wrong request type, ServiceDesk reclassifies it and adds info to it, for example, a screenshot is attached to the request; cash register number, incident time, and other equipment data are specified.

    The first line provides support on office applications, cash desk, fiscal printer, and cooktop incidents. Self-service kiosks, servers, workstations, laptops, and cash registers are connected remotely via DMWare. Before the site-to-site connection was established, virtual machines were created with VPN connections to the customer infrastructure.

    In addition to requests from restaurants, the first line processes support requests from offices. If an issue falls outside the scope of the first line, the request is forwarded to contractors providing equipment, network or software support for a certain restaurant or office.

    Before the ServiceDesk was implemented, users received messages requesting to evaluate the quality of service. Now, the first line employees selectively call restaurants and ask to score the service quality via the self-service portal. Thanks to this, 25%—30% of requests are evaluated as compared to 8% previously.

    «I liked the proactive approach of our colleagues. They themselves identify the aspects of our service that can be improved by more efficient cooperation and internal procedures. As a customer, we welcome it, of course. All tasks are performed—even if they require additional resources,» notes Mikhail Larkin, Service Manager at Yum! Brands Russia.


  • The first line of support currently includes 10 ICL specialists
  • About 100 thousand queries have been processed since the Service Desk implementation
  • Seven thousand requests are processed each month
  • 17% of them, by the first line of support


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expert in Service Desk

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