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ICL Services has been serving Setevaya Kompaniya JSC, a leading Tatarstan electricity supplier, since 2014. The company's services cover an area of more than 67,000 km². It controls 384 substations. Setevaya Kompaniya also owns power grid facilities of voltage levels ranging from 0.4 to 500 kV. We have created a customer interaction system for the company, integrated with a contact centre, a CRM system and a remote service portal. After implementing the system, ICL Services has continued to support it.
In 2014, several changes prompted the company to contact ICL Services.

1. The Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation issued Order No. 186 obliging grid operators to introduce uniform service quality standards.

2. The customer service department was reorganised into a separate division, which needed to automate its new contact centre. The company had no software to register requests, receive calls and use its own 8-800 line.

In addition, it took a lot of effort to collect and consolidate the requests: before a report was submitted, all the Excel tables had to be collected from the offices and then merged. The company's employees had to spend a lot of time checking documents, and they could not get a data slice on the same day.

To solve these problems, the company decided to launch remote services and a mobile application, set up personal accounts for consumers and regulate request management.

Key Challenges

  • Improve customer service by automating:
    • the registration of utility connection applications, requests and complaints;
    • operatorless SMS notifications and robocalls regarding changes in utility connection request status;
    • requests regarding scheduled and emergency shutdowns;
  • Meet the legal requirements of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation.

Implemented our solution

  1. Our previous experience with similar projects on the MD CRM platform showed that the standard MD CRM WorkFlow feature was not suitable for automating complex business processes to meet customer requirements; it was necessary to additionally use a BPM-class system. ICL experts explained the risks and limitations for the project that could arise if a BPM system was not used. ICL experts also analysed BPM systems and helped the customer to choose the optimal one. Next, technical works began.

    We launched a contact centre. We introduced Avaya telephony and integrated it with the CRM.

    We implemented Bizagi and integrated it with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Setevaya Kompaniya services 1,315,000 individuals and 1,435,000 legal entities and individual entrepreneurs. In the past, each contact was recorded in tables. Now, with each interaction, the BPM system creates a task for the employee and visualises the entire business process.

    We integrated into the customer's current IT landscape. ICL Services specialists integrated:

    • the utility connection module;
    • situational and analytical centre;
    • power supply information system;
    • lean manufacturing system.
    We launched personal accounts and set up face-to-face processing of requests. As a result, the company's employees and customers received access to new features: making an appointment, filing applications in a personal account, power rescheduling and questionnaires. The company now has a chatbot that takes the load off the staff and can serve more customers faster. As much as 85,000 users have personal accounts.

    We added automatic notifications to the CRM. In the past, the company had to manually call all its customers. Today, its employees can focus on other, more important processes, and customers learn about power outages, scheduled works and accidents at power stations in their personal accounts, as well as through SMS notifications, by email and via robocalls. For customers for whom power outages are critical, for example, people using medical ventilators at home, the system creates a task for the operator to call the customer.

    We launched ServiceDesk. ICL Services specialists are connected to the customer's ITSM and receive requests from both employees and end customers regarding issues related to the personal accounts, CRM system and contact centre.

    ServiceDesk works from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and has three lines. The first line registers applications and deals with high-priority requests 24/7. The second and third lines employ engineers who solve non-standard issues. It takes an average of 15 minutes to respond to critical requests and four hours to solve them.

    The services also support requests for changes: small system modifications for business purposes. They most often concern functionality, for example, adding new filters or categories to reports.

Products and technologies

    • Avaya-based IP telephony,
    • Microsoft Dynamics CRM,
    • MVC .Net-powered personal account
    • Native mobile application for IOS and Android


  • ICL Services team has helped the company to describe and regulate its business processes.
  • We created a comprehensive customer interaction system built into the company's IT landscape and consisting of personal accounts, Avaya telephony, CRM and BPM systems and a mobile application. The speed with which customer requests are processed by the contact centre has increased by a third.
  • Business processes have become more transparent and controllable, and the staff is not engaged in inefficient data transfer and verification.
  • ICL Services continues to support and update Setevaya Kompaniya's integrated systems. Our specialists also maintain servers and perform scheduled data backups.
  • Our specialists fulfil about 200 requests for system maintenance and troubleshooting per month.
  • In 2020, we processed 35,000 requests and 70,000 applications submitted via personal accounts and 100,000 requests submitted through the contact centre.
  • In the same year, Setevaya Kompaniya's users received 190,000 SMS messages and 395,000 Text-2-speech notifications.
  • The company's services have become continuous and are now available to more customers.

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