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Leroy Merlin

Leroy Merlin is a French headquartered home improvement and gardening retailer serving several countries in Europe, Russia, Asia, South America and Africa. Leroy Merlin has over 325 outlets around the world, and over 70 outlets and 22,000 staff in Russia. The retailer offers clients a vast range of high quality goods, affordable prices, and a high level of service. All the outlets feature a wide range of goods in five main categories: home, interior, construction materials, renovation, and garden.

Key Challenges

In connection with business development in Russia, Leroy Merlin made the decision regarding changes in IT strategy to provide for the implementation of a service-based approach for customer support and IT infrastructure maintenance. The client initiated a project aimed at development and implementation of ITSM processes and deployment of a new ITSM system to fulfill the following tasks:

  • Lack of clearly organized operations of the technical support service, and a significant load on the staff of the client's IT department
  • Lack of convenient channels for the submission of users' applications
  • Long resolution time of even the simplest requests for maintenance
  • Significant service quality dependence on competence of local IT experts
  • Complex process of customer support establishment at new outlets under conditions of business growth in Russia

Goals and objectives

  • Establishment of the first line of support for Leroy Merlin staff: ensure the registration, dispatching, and resolution of user requests
  • Arrangement of technical support for cash registering equipment (fiscal printers) at Leroy Merlin outlets
  • Ensure that 95% of calls are received within 30 seconds
  • Processing and routing of all incoming user requests within 4 hours
  • Reduce expenses on maintenance of existing outlets and opening of new outlets in Russia
  • Quick resolution of simple requests for the maintenance by the first line of support
  • Improved user awareness of technical support operations, arrangement of consultations on the use of business applications

Implemented our solution

  1. Within the framework of the project, ICL Services team performed the following:

    • 24 hour technical support service launched
    • Expert team hired
    • Service desk agents trained in business processes and technologies at the Client's premises
    • 24 hour registration of phone calls, e-mails, and Telegram messages arranged
    • Over 70 outlets, logistics centers, and offices of the client around Russia accepted into service
    • Reporting implemented to enable the control of incident processing and fast adjustment of service provision process, as well as the correct allocation of project resources
    • Regular control of registered phone calls in order to improve the level of service
    • Procedures for user request processing developed and standardized
    • Field engineer teams organizied for the maintenance of fiscal printers throughout the client's chain

Products and technologies

  • TP.net
  • Microsoft Dynamics Navision
  • Pyxis
  • Oracle RPM
  • BPM online, Easy Vista (ITSM)
  • Microsoft Service Manager


  • ICL Services experts implemented certain improvements, as a result of which the client's users benefited from high quality service regardless of user location. Certain requests can now be resolved during first phone call to HelpDesk. Establishment of the first line of support for Leroy Merlin staff: ensure the registration, dispatching, and resolution of user requests;
  • ICL Services receives over 3,000 user requests per month, 24х7;
  • SLA of the service is at a high level: 96.56% of phone calls received within 30 seconds, and a maximum of 2.5% of calls missed. Compliance with SLA on request resolution on the first line is 97.36%;
  • Improved quality of user requests routing, due to which load on 2nd and 3rd lines of support has been reduced;
  • On the basis of the service's launch, a survey of customer satisfaction was held. 80% of respondents recommended the support service;
  • Expenses on the maintenance of existing outlets and opening of new outlets in Russia were reduced.


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