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Largest petrochemical companies in Russia

One of the largest petrochemical companies in Russia.

Key Challenges

One of the largest petrochemical companies in Russia intended to simplify communication with its current clients who asked about its products by telephone or e-mail.

  • The Customer decided to use a chat bot based on the popular messenger platform as a new channel to consult its clients.

Goals and objectives

  • Develop a chat bot that reduces operators’ workload and is located in the customer ecosystem.

Implemented our solution

    • ICL Services specialists developed and launched the chat bot in pilot mode for two months. Customer operators used the chat bot to answer the questions of their clients, send news and interview the consumers in real-time mode.
    • When a client applies through the chat bot, the operators receive new request notification in private message. A client estimates operator work after each application.
    • ICL Services provided results to the Customer on a weekly base during the whole development period. Efficient communication between developers and Customer's project manager ensured prompt implementation of additional suggestions as to the chat bot features. For example, a feature of attachment of photos and videos to the news and polls became available for the operators.
    • The chat bot was hosted on the cloud platform ICL Cloud at the design phase; then it was moved to the Customer’s own servers.


  • ICL Services developed convenient web app to automate customer support.
  • The Customer plans to develop similar chat bot on the base of another messenger platform.

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