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Kelly Services

Kelly Services is the largest international company that has been providing outsourcing and staff management solutions worldwide since 1946 and has been active in Russia since 1993.
The company is included in the Global Outsourcing 100 list, the outsourcing provider listing according to IAOP (International Association of Outsourcing Providers). In Russia, the company has a central office of Kelly Services CIS in Moscow and more than 20 recruiting agencies in the regions.

Key Challenges

Kelly Services is a large international company that has many offices, and each regional subdivision made local contracts with service providers. As a result, service packages and their prices varied considerably. And the company work organization and expenditure planning in this area were rather complicated. The customer company faced the following pressing issues:

  • Need for a single-standard-based support of the printing service in all subdivisions irrespective of where a service requests originate from
  • Need for the reduction of the total cost of printing service due to transition to per copy system of payment
  • Providing high-quality service in accordance with the Service Level Agreements (SLA)
  • Organization of consumables delivery (paper, toners, and office equipment spare parts) to ensure continuous operation of the printing service
  • Routine maintenance to prevent equipment failures and create reserves of the required consumables
  • Introduction of a process for obtaining statistics and forecasting expenses

Goals and objectives

  • Ensuring fast response to incidents and their prompt resolution
  • Standardization of working processes, ensuring higher efficiency of the printing service
  • Reduction of the expenses related to provision of continuous service
  • Routine maintenance to prevent equipment failures and create reserves of the required consumables

Implemented our solution

  1. After a careful selection of IT services supplier, the Customer has chosen ICL Services.
  2. ICL Services specialists have conducted a study of the Customer needs and designed an optimal service model with a transparent service management structure. At the initial stage of the project, all the equipment was assesed and accepted into service, and starting reserves of consumables (toner cartridges and paper) were delivered to all offices of the Customer.
  3. During acceptence into service ICL Services specialists also assessed the technical condition of the devices. Where necessary, full scope of the equipment recovery work has been performed. At the moment, ICL Services specialists maintain a printing equipment fleet (more than 70 machines) in 30 geographically distributed offices in 23 regions of the Russian Federation. Multi-vendor support of the printing equipment (about 40 models from 5 manufacturers) is provided, and reserves of consumables are created.
  4. Within the scope of monthly maintenance procedure, our specialists read the meters on all machines and print out test lists that are later analyzed for compliance with quality standards. If necessary, respective tasks are generated either for scheduled technical maintenance or repairs.
  5. In order to plan and control expenses, the Customer is provided monthly statistics on the amount of print jobs performed for each machine. The calculation is based on the amount of printed copies. Therefore, the customer only pays for the actually printed amount.

Products and technologies

  • ICL Services specialists maintain HP, Kyocera, Ricoh, Samsung, and Canon printers and MFDs (about 40 different models)
  • Consumables, such as paper and toner cartridges, are regulary provided to the customer


  • High-quality service in compliance with the Service Level Agreement (SLA = 98%, average incident response time is no more than 30 minutes, incident resolution time is no later than the next business day as per contract ; if necessary, the customer is provided a replacement equipment for the period of repairs)
  • Unified technical maintenance service for printing operations from 9 am to 6 pm on working days; as of now, about 70 machines are maintained in 30 geographically distributed offices in 23 regions of Russia
  • Office equipment maintenance and diagnostics on a monthly basis to detect malfunctions and perform scheduled technical maintenance
  • Lower printing costs thanks to optimal service model with a transparent service management structure where calculations and customer payments are based on actually printed copies
  • Temporary equipment replacement provision in case of long-term repair
  • Ability to forecast printing expenses
  • Less work for the accounting department since the contract provides for single monthly post-payment for printing services in all subdivisions

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Dmitry Panfilov
expert in Repair and maintenance of AWS


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