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Key Challenges

Customer wanted to find a reliable partner that would be able in the short period of time accomplish the knowledge transfer without any impact on the quality of provided services. There was a need for an effective team of professionals covering various technological streams that could optimize current solutions and improve the quality with the minimum of investment.

The customer was not able to solve the problem due to limitations of hiring new employees thus the key requirement was to prepare a universal team that would be able to provide a wide range of services.

Goals and objectives

  • Implementation of universal and efficient business processes first for one of the customers and then for all others
  • Designing a service delivery model that would reflect the existing customer`s service catalogue and demonstrate a stable high quality of delivered service
  • Continuous new technology training for the team so that for each new customer there is an expert that can make an assessment, transfer knowledge and teach other members of the team

Implemented our solution

  1. High qualified and efficient business processes focused on ticket handling, change management and knowledge base management were designed and implemented. They are universal for various ITSM solutions.
  2. Additional new role of a ticket coordinator was implemented. KPIs were improved.
  3. Routine tasks are automated minimizing the risk of human error.
  4. Established regular technical skills training courses as well as language courses in English and German.
  5. Additional work on the Service Catalogue analysis and adaptation is organized, that improved the time of processing new requests for new projects/customers.

Products and technologies

  • Managed Platform:
    • MS Windows Server 2003 Standard , Enterprise
    • MS Windows Server 2008 Core, Standard, Enterprise
    • CentOS 6.x
    • RHEL 6.x
    • SLES11 x64
  • Managed Database: MS SQL 2008-2008R2-2012


  • The team provides expertise for various technological streams that can identify new opportunities for business growth and address the customer need for infrastructure improvements
  • Full compliance with the customer`s business processes and requirements
  • Availability and flexibility of resources
  • Transparent and clear service model
  • Continuous improvement of the service quality


Ildar Khusnutdinov
Head of Service Delivery


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