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29 September 2015


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Which mobility element does your business need?

— Today the usage of mobile solutions in the corporate segment is a sign of mature business. Could you please evaluate the dynamics of its mobilization. Which customer base segments in the direction, the scale of Russian business are operating particularly active in this area?

Ruslan Vagizov: Mobile devices allow us to work with many applications (including corporate ones) from anywhere in the world, handle huge amounts of data in real time and address to large databases. In the information technology field we create a new unique infrastructure that allows using a growing number of portable devices to the full. The trend results in growth in the number of technological solutions based on Mobile Device Management (MDM) providing control over corporate data security, accessibility to applications and services on mobile devices.

The direction of mobilization depends on the segment. For example, about 70% of devices used by financial industry employees operate on iOS. In health care, about 40% of gadgets are using Android. One thing is certain — CIOs consider the implementation of modern mobile technologies to be strategically important for the business.

— It seems that the main conclusion we can make is that the business does not longer question the need for mobility. The focus is on practical issues of security provision, productivity and efficiency increase.

Ruslan Vagizov: Right. Companies know that mobile technologies directly affect the performance, since such technologies make access to corporate e-mail and internal company resources fast and convenient from anywhere in the world. Your colleagues are available for communication at any time, for example, while traveling or on business trips. Employees are now able to hold meetings in conference rooms, offices of partners and suppliers, airports and train stations — wherever they are thrown by working necessity.

— You have mentioned MDM. What are the benefits that a customer will receive by implementing the service?

Ruslan Vagizov: Mobile Device Management service consists of services and technologies that control and protect corporate mobile devices, as well as corporate mobile applications and content. MDM solutions are designed to ensure corporate data security on mobile devices that are not part of a corporate network, as well as to monitor device status. Modern MDM solutions allow integrating mobile users to a corporate environment by providing access to postal services, corporate resources, file-sharing systems. For example, Microsoft Intune can be successfully integrated with System Center Configuration Manager and with the Exchange mail system.

— How is the improvement and maintenance of mobile applications for your customers organized? What part of this process is outsourced?

Ruslan Vagizov: MDM service is supported only by our qualified engineers using modern technology from the well-known software vendors like Microsoft, IBM, VMware, Citrix. Experts support second and third lines of an already existing mobile service and also participate in the implementation and migration of customer environment to MDM. The tasks of our engineers also include user operational support in case of any problems (email, corporate applications), preparation of devices for issuance to a specific user, Office 365 support, policy management and application configuration. Our engineers also have extensive experience in virtual desktop support. Architects help to create design and supporting documents for the construction of environment and support the entire implementation cycle of the selected solution regardless of a software provider. Most of our experts are certified on Citrix products, including XenMobile — solution for mobile devices.

Find the rest of the interview on the CNews portal in the «Mobility in business» review.


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