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21 April 2020


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Softline and ICL Services sign international markets cooperation agreement

Softline and ICL Services signed an agreement on mutually advantageous cooperation in the global high technology market. Having unique industry expertise, the partners are ready to combine their efforts to actively promote their own IT solutions and services, implement large-scale international projects, increase their geographical expansion and improve competitiveness.

Cooperation with ICL Services, a member of the ICL Group, will allow Softline to significantly improve the service side of its business. ICL Services has a strong team of professionals and many years of international experience in implementing large-scale outsourcing projects, the experience the company is always eager to share with its partners. The company is willing to expand Softline’s IT services portfolio with the services of its own international division, such as end-user services.
In return, the partnership with Softline, a global provider of IT solutions and services in the field of digital transformation and IT security, will help ICL Services and the entire group achieve strategic goals in international markets, including developing countries.

Not being competitors in the global market of high technologies, Softline and ICL Services at the same time are working out mechanisms of effective interaction in Russia. In recent years the domestic IT services market has undergone significant changes. And only strong players with international expertise have a chance to assume leading roles in this market.

Sergey Solovyov, Director of ICL Services Company commented on the advantages of the global agreement with Softline, ’The cooperation agreement with Softline will allow us to successfully develop our business in international markets by implementing joint projects. It is important for us to expand our geographic presence, to enter new markets and regions where we have not yet been operating. I am sure that our combined expertise will allow the cooperation to be highly productive.’

’We are very excited about the signing of a global agreement with ICL Services, it is a true milestone for us. Our partner has many years of experience in providing services to Russian and foreign customers. And Softline is constantly expanding its territories, actively developing its business in foreign countries. I am sure that ICL Services’ high industrial expertise will help us realise our strategic goals and further strengthen our positions in the international high technology market,’ said Sergey Chernovolenko, global CEO of Softline, commenting on the prospects of cooperation with ICL Services.

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