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13 March 2020


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ICL Services enters the Far East market

On March 13, the ICL Services IT service company begins operations in the Free Port in Vladivostok exclusive economic zone. The company has established a subsidiary to work on Japanese, Korean, Singapore and Southeast Asian markets.
The division has already started servicing local and foreign customers in the Russian, English and Japanese languages. Specialists provide full-cycle software development services, remote user support, IT infrastructure management, design and implementation of technical solutions, data center infrastructure support services, and also provide after-sales service and technical support to users.
«IT market in Far Eastern countries is very dynamic, and one of our strategic goals today is to become a reliable service provider in this region,» says Sergey Soloviev, director of ICL Services. «Our specialists are ready to provide a wide range of essential IT services 24×7, in Japanese as well. As ICL Services is expanding rapidly to international markets, our main goal is to actively start work with large business in most advanced countries, and we are working on it.»
The proximity of the new office to Japan will allow ICL Services to develop and strengthen partnerships with Fujitsu, its key business partner, as well as expand the export of its full range of IT services in the Pacific. This time zone will be used to implement services based on the «follow the sun» model, when the services for customers around the world are provided non-stop, 24 hours a day.
By developing a growth point in IT and service industry we create an excellent chance for regional young and skilled IT specialists with knowledge of English and/or Japanese to develop their professional career in a global company and participate in international projects. ICL Services is ready to provide new jobs and grow new talents; this is why the company is already cooperating with large universities in the region.
(photo courtesy of IA PrimaMedia)

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