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14 February 2022


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ICL Services has automated processes for the Kazan gunpowder plant

To work effectively, any business vitally needs to keep sales statistics, account for all procurement costs, as well as quickly collect information on other indicators to see the real picture of all business processes. These processes have been successfully automated at one of the oldest enterprises in Russia, Kazan Gunpowder Plant, where ICL Services experts deployed an integrated software suite based on 1C: ERP.
The Kazan Gunpowder Plant was founded in 1788 by order of Empress Catherine the Great, and its history reflects the entire journey of Russian gunpowder production.

Today the plant specializes in the production of gunpowder, nitro enamels and varnishes. Plant employees used to keep loose, free-form records of sales and purchases, which prevented them from having prompt access to up-to-date information. For example, to find out the balances, specialists had to call another department or go to the storekeeper. In addition, this process increased the likelihood of human error and diminished planning quality. Therefore, in 2020, the Gunpowder Plant, which had already started working with 1C Accounting, decided to automate the sales, procurement and inventory management circuit by adopting 1C:ERP products. ICL Services was entrusted with improving process manageability and transparency.
Increasing the level of control over material and financial flows
At the start of the project, ICL Services specialists collected and analyzed the customer’s system requirements, created a work schedule for system deployment, as well as defined interfaces and sets of user rights.

The 1C: ERP deployment had several major stages:
1. Normative and reference information management. ICL Services specialists generated data to be uploaded to the 1C: ERP system, concurrently with training plant employees individually and in groups.
2. Sales management. The initial balances and historical data from 1C Accounting were entered into the system. As this was an operational circuit, users were able to work in it immediately after deployment. This stage also included modifications to the standard 1C: ERP solution to support working with the documents and reports.
3. Procurement management. ICL Services specialists refined the functionality of the procurement management block, taking into account the wishes of system users.
4. Inventory management. As part of the inventory management functionality update, new report forms were added, and the warehouse order chart was automated. The loading and unloading of payment orders were also automated at a separate stage.
Accelerated mode: 8 months and more than a hundred automated jobs
In just 8 months, ICL Services specialists created an integrated software complex at the plant: the entire operational circuit for sales management, procurement and inventory management is now based on 1C: ERP.

Thanks to the automation of warehouse accounting functions, sales, purchases, and mutual settlements, it became possible to reduce the routine workload of employees, significantly accelerate the document flow, and minimize errors.
Plant employees can now use convenient reports to review complete and reliable information in various analytical sections: for example, it is possible to filter documents by timeline or user role.

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