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7 December 2021


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ICL Services develop an iot solution for agricultural machinery

ICL Services specialists have developed an IoT device to control the operating modes of agricultural equipment. The device allows you to identify cases of abnormal use of the equipment and helps the manufacturer prevent warranty costs.

«Agricultural machinery must operate in accordance with the established regulations for transporting, plowing, and plow turning. Due to the lack of control and monitoring devices for this process, the manufacturer cannot detect cases of abnormal use, determine the exact cause of breakdowns, and is, in most cases, forced to accept the equipment under warranty, which entails increased costs of the final product due to the necessity of compensating for these risks,» says Ilya Apollonov, senior manager for software development at ICL Services.
In order to solve this problem, one of the largest manufacturers of the newest agricultural machinery models has commissioned the ICL Services specialists to create a prototype IoT device for controlling the operating modes and monitoring the location of agricultural machinery. As a result, a new device was developed based on the Raspberry PI¹ and the NodeRED framework² as a part of a pilot project. Accelerometers were installed on the moving parts of the plow to keep track of the operating mode in use. In addition, it uses GPS³ and GLONASS sensors, which allow to analyze and determine the location of the plow.

«The information this device provides will allow the farms to monitor where and how machinery is working and keep track of its condition, which will help to avoid breakdowns. As for the employees of the service department of the equipment manufacturer, they can use this information to both plan and monitor the stock levels, and be ready for warranty cases,» adds Ilya Apollonov.

1 Raspberry PI is a microcomputer currently developed by the British Raspberry Pi Foundation.
2 Node-RED is a visual programming tool for the Internet of Things, allowing you to connect devices, online services, etc. to each other.
3 GPS (Global Position System) is a global radionavigation system.

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