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17 December 2020


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ICL Services automatic smart assistant recognized as 2020 best IT project

This week, the organizing committee of the Innovation Time Award has summed up the results of the annual competition for the best IT project in 2020. A comprehensive process management system for IT infrastructure with artificial intelligence technologies developed by ICL Services experts has been rated the best in the IT and Digital Technologies category.

To participate in the competition, ICL Services presented a comprehensive IT solution — Automatic Smart Assistant (ASA) that allows to automate service delivery processes. ASA, by using machine learning technologies, analyses the text of user requests or incidents, classifies them in accordance with the required level of expertise, forms a knowledge base to solve them faster in the future. This results in savings of employees’ work time and the reduction of incident response time by 82%.

«ASA, being an end-to-end solution, has already demonstrated high efficiency in terms of improving the quality of service for our customers. For now, hundreds of thousands of events in ITSM systems of our customers have been processed all over Russia. This allows our customers’ business to increase the level of constant availability of their IT infrastructure, and for us, it helps to optimize service costs,» highlights Sergey Solovyov, Director of ICL Services.

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