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11 April 2022


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ICL Services and SimpleOne Launch a Software Import Substitution Project

Russian IT companies ICL Services (part of ICL Group) and SimpleOne announced the launch of special programs dedicated to software import substitution. Under the partnership agreement, ICL Services will implement and support SimpleOne’s ITSM solutions for its customers. ICL Services is the only official partner of the company in the Republic of Tatarstan.
The ESM platform developed by SimpleOne meets all the criteria for the software needed to automate the service delivery process in the service departments of companies. The product has a user-friendly interface and a number of other advantages — checklists, labor accounting, prompt responses, omnichannel support, machine learning algorithms connectivity, all combined with the collection of feedback and service quality evaluation.

«In an ever-changing reality, our task is to provide timely and high-quality support to our customers,» says Vladimir Klimov, Business Development Manager of ICL Services. «The Western restrictions have given the business a new impetus for the development of strong partnerships with domestic colleagues — our cooperation with SimpleOne confirms it. I am confident that our joint projects will give the market confidence in domestic solutions.»

«With a number of companies leaving the Russian market, we now have the opportunity to show that we also have advanced solutions, not at all inferior to their Western counterparts, and often even superior to them,» noted Alexey Kulik, Head of the Department for Work with Key Partners of SimpleOne. "We see great potential in the development of our partnership with the team of professionals from ICL Services. We are confident that together, we can make a big contribution to the development of the ITSM direction and significantly increase the number of companies that select the solution from SimpleOne as their main assistant.

*ITSM (IT Service Management) is an approach to managing and organizing IT services so that they meet business needs
*ESM (Enterprise Service Management) is an approach to managing and organizing corporate services

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