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18 May 2021


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AI in business: a new stage of interaction

Artificial intelligence plays a crucial role in modern business, in its internal and external processes. The year of the pandemic and total remoteness showed how AI and related technologies helped businesses master new formats of interaction with customers, suppliers and partners. We are telling you of the latest trends.
1)  There are different formats for integrating AI and business

AI is still actively promoting transfer of routine operations from human to machine. Chat bot can perform the functions of primary technical support for users or register standard service requests. Chat bot can perform the functions of primary technical support for users or register standard service requests.

Algorithms with the selection of proper nutrition based on the physiological characteristics and readable indicators of a person will make a programme of proper nutrition. The robot handler will distribute the incidents among the teams that maintain the IT infrastructure. These examples cover the primary circuit of integrating AI into business.

There are also deeper integration formats. For example, a digital factory will design a prototype of a new product based on primary data from design engineers, then perform all calculations and cyclic tests in a simulation environment, then identify weaknesses even before the experimental sample appears. In this scenario, in the medium term, artificial intelligence will help businesses save billions of roubles.

2)  AI costs are paid off earlier than in three years

It should be noted that the introduction of AI remains an expensive cost item for any business. However, in many industries, the effect of instant savings also occurred due to the rapid release or reallocation of human resources. The more routine the operation is, the greater is the need to replace a human being with artificial intelligence.

The cost of implementing AI is paid off according to the standard IRR formula earlier than in three years, since in this case, there is no need to pay mandatory deductions, vacation allowances, sick leaves and so on for AI.

3)  AI is changing IT labour market

Many professions outside of intellectual labour may be replaced by AI in the next 10–15 years. In addition, with reduction in the number of managed sites, the burden on management is proportionally reduced. A robot does not need a Head of the Department—just one engineer who maintains AI infrastructure. The most favourable areas for the introduction of AI are: agriculture, manufacturing, banking, public services, partly—the service sector.

Taking into account the cases and materials above, with the current state of business, the most successful stake will be on a small body of technocrat managers together with a reasonable transfer of processes to careful artificial intelligence algorithms. Reducing the need for professions with low qualifications and the absence of non-linear labour operations, reducing the number of managers for operational management, digitising and integrating key revenue processes with AI is already a global trend.

The trend to strengthen the implementation of AI in business, which was born last year, will surely continue dominating this year. Therefore, it is extremely important to master new forms of interaction, identify potential areas of automation and transfer part of business processes to the management of artificial intelligence.

Author: Mr Yakov Krotov, Project Manager at ICL Services

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