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Manufacturer of dental materials and appliances

Key Challenges

A manufacturer of dental materials and appliances contacted ICL Services.

    The company provided its own delivery service to customers and encountered problems in the course of deliveries — drivers mixed up orders and were unaware of the documents to be transferred to the customer. To prevent this from happening, the contractor decided to create a mobile app for forwarders, in order to print receipts on mobile printers and provide them to customers.

Goals and objectives

  • The project goal is to develop a mobile app for forwarders, with an option to print receipts on mobile cashier printers. With this application, the driver is not obliged to take paper receipts from the head office, but prints them on his own. The forwarder’s work is speeded up, and the rate of mistakes is decreased.

Implemented our solution

  1. On the part of ICL Services, the project involved a Project Manager, Tester, and a developer pool. The app was developed for Android phones.

      Using the app, the driver was able to:
    • Monitor his receipts
    • Print receipts
    • Print reports
    • Provide receipt information to the contractor
  2. The data of each forwarder’s app was sent to the head office of the company.

    Test implementation showed that the drivers still printed the wrong receipts. To eliminate such situations, the contractor decided to add geo-tagging to the app: the driver arrives at the contractor’s address, and the required receipt is colorized in the app. Geo-tagging facilitated the drivers’ work — they clearly understood what receipt needed to be printed.

    Moreover, in the event of communication problems, the forwarder could scan a barcode on the delivery note, and find the required receipt to be printed according to it.

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