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Key Challenges

One of the processes in the bank is checking customer data. The bank is obliged to update this information once a year, otherwise, it will face fines from the regulator.

Specialists of the Bank of Kazan compare the customer information in the banking file with the data received from government agencies and counterparty verification services. Most of the employees’ working time was spent on opening links and reconciling data, rather than on more important business tasks.

Goals and objectives

  • The Bank of Kazan planned to automate the process of updating personal data and free employees from performing routine linear tasks. ICL Services has offered to robotize these processes.

Implemented our solution

  1. Work on the project began in the summer of 2019. ICL Services assigned a business analyst, two developers, and a project manager.

    At the first stage, ICL Services specialists discussed and outlined the bank's business processes which would provide a substantial increase in efficiency for RPA. Next, the business analyst described the existing processes and how the robot would execute them.

    The project had high requirements for information security, including limitations on access rights both for developers and the robot.

    After the coordination of business processes, the specialist began developing a robot for updating personal data in UiPath Studio. This work took about three weeks. In September, tests were completed, and in October, the robot went live.
    The robot performs the same tasks as the employee: it opens links in the browser, copies and pastes data, launches applications. At the same time, it does not need a workplace in the office — the program is run on the server.
  2. The robot algorithm involves five applications:

    • automated banking system (ABS);
    • remote banking services (RBS);
    • electronic record management system;
    • service for obtaining relevant counterparty data from open sources;
    • Excel.
  3. The robot compiles a list of organizations for updating files from the banking system. For this, it compares the information from the ABS with open-source data. When the robot finds an error, it can send a message to the customer via the RBS system. If the customer does not respond or the values do not match the sensitive parameters, the robot assigns a task to an employee via the documentation flow system and refers the file in question to them.

    “We wanted to avoid manual input errors, reduce the time for updating the files, let our employees focus on other tasks and standardize the whole algorithm. Within this project, it was difficult to determine the criticality of the attributes, coordinate them with all the internal services of the bank, and execute them correctly. We tested the robot for a long time and launched it in increments. Now it has been in operation for almost half a year and has become a convenient tool for the transactions officer. We plan to expand its capabilities and the list of attributes with which it works,” said Anastasia Borisova, project manager on the part of the Bank of Kazan.
  4. Updating customer data is only one process in the bank that can be optimized via RPA. For example, ICL Services has successfully robotized opening of escrow accounts, closing of bank cards, compliance control and processing of applications for banking products.


  • After the introduction of the robot, the number of processed files in the Bank of Kazan increased by 17 times. The robot checks each file 70-80% faster than an employee. Moreover, it does not require a workplace, a benefits package, and training. The customer can easily add another robot and scale-out the processing of profiles with minimal costs.
  • At present, ICL Services continues to support the Bank of Kazan in RPA matters. For example, it ensures compatibility with new releases of IT system components.

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