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A cloud-based video surveillance service

Key Challenges

The customer is a service provider possessing a DPC offering video surveillance as part of a city project. The company intended to expand their services by providing DPC’s capacities not only for collecting and storing video data, but also for collocating, hosting third-party cloud services and virtual machines.

The company management made a request for an audit by ICL Services to find out whether the DPC was capable of providing such services and what was necessary to do with the existing infrastructure.

An infrastructure audit is one of the key components of pre-project survey as part of providing system integration services. The audit helps to identify the current condition of IT systems, find out their weak points and develop a set of business needs, be it computer system installations, replacement of the equipment or scaling. Audit-based results as well as recommendations given by ICL Services may be used for the subsequent system integration steps.

Goals and objectives

  • Identifying the customer DPC’s availability for additional equipment installation
  • Providing a set of recommendations on further development

Implemented our solution

  1. 1. A two-week infrastructure audit

    The audit’s basic objective was to determine the customer DPC’s availability for additional equipment installation. This required gathering information on the server and network infrastructures, identifying current problems and risks and providing recommendations on further development.

    ICL Services specialists began their work in December 2019. First, they made a few questionnaires to clarify the task and determine areas to be focused on during the survey. Next, they interviewed the company management and spent two days inspecting customer’s equipment on site. In two weeks’ time a report and a set of recommendations were made. The project involved an engineer and a system architect.
  2. 2. A list of 30 recommendations for all systems

    The audit included the DPC, its subsystems and structured cabling system, data storage and backup systems, monitoring and control systems, project and operating documentation, basic infrastructure services. The objects of the IT audit were more than 10 computer systems and 30 units of other equipment.

    As part of the server infrastructure survey the ICL Services specialists were able to evaluate:
    • rack mounting,
    • cable management,
    • patch cord layout and marking accuracy,
    • cooling system efficiency and backup power systems,
    The network infrastructure comprised an L2 network utilising 10 hubs. The ICL Services system architect checked the incoming main and backup communication channels, types of equipment used, determined current and optimal network design and made recommendations on eliminating large broadcast domains.


  • The final document received by the customer listed more than 30 identified problems, their impact on the productivity and ways to resolve them. ICL Services specialists provided specifications for the infrastructure upgrade equipment, that fit the customer’s budget.
  • Thus, the customer would be able to competently upgrade their network and server infrastructure to expand the portfolio of services and their subsequent high-quality rendering.


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