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11 November 2015


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Social and charitable initiatives of ICL Services

Business does not exist in a vacuum; employees and the company are part of the local and global community. Therefore, commitments on social responsibility of successful companies — for example, TDK, Hitachi, Daimler — include responsible interaction with society.

The implementation of these obligations depends on:

  • the scope and possibilities of the company,
  • its localization,
  • lots of other factors.

Take a look at the experience of ICL Services — an IT outsourcing company with a staff of more than 1,000 people, which is geographically located in Russia and provides services globally.

Who stands at the origin of socially-oriented initiatives of ICL Services?

Most often, the company supports proposed initiatives on improvement of various aspects of the quality of life:

  • in most cases the initiative comes fr om public and government organizations seeking help;
  • sometimes employees or management of the company lead the dance.

As a result, such help can become sufficiently diverse and multifaceted. Nevertheless, it is possible to distinguish its main trends.

Sponsorship of research and educational events

Priorities of ICL Services include the development of the local labor market in IT. The company is taking considerable efforts on its own and traditionally supports governmental and non-profit initiatives in science and education. Three of them can be given as an example:

  • The company became the general sponsor of the All-Russian Olympiad in Informatics, provided all the necessary equipment for it and donated it to local schools afterwards.
  • The company supports the regional government program on «e-schools» — school education based on innovative approaches and extensive use of new information technologies. This is a contribution to the development of education not only in the region but, in the best case, even across the country.
  • The company sponsors 19th International Scientific and Practical Conference on IT in Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgy, Fuel and Energy Complex, Chemical and Retail Sectors to be held in 2016. It is important in the context of sharing experience in development and production of high tech equipment and creation of a library of advanced domestic and international experience in computerization of business processes.

Help for children

Another important area of socially-oriented investments of ICL Services is the help for children.

Sometimes it takes the form of special charity events like sending computer equipment to schoolchildren in Beslan after the terrorist attacks in 2004. This event was organized by the parent company of ICL Services — ICL-KME CS.

In other cases this is a targeted aid or participation in national/regional charity events (such as raising funds for the Life Line Fund or the Laishevskaya boarding school). One of the biggest achievements of the ICL Services team was the help to one of our employees, whose 2-year-old daughter was diagnosed with cancer. Dozens of colleagues raised funds for treatment. On an urgent vote among all employees it was unanimously (except for one vote) decided to abandon the activities in honor of the birthday of the company and transfer its budget for the child’s treatment. After a year of struggle the tumor was successfully operated and the contribution of employees of ICL Services was of big help.

It’s easy to find an opportunity to make the world a better place!

Another constant responsibility of ICL Services is the support of secondary school No.15. The company traditionally patronizes the school, provides it with furniture and equipment if necessary, helps to renovate classrooms, etc.

Other examples of the participation of ICL Services in the social life include:

  • company fairs, wh ere employees sell their own hand-made items to colleagues and donate all the money to charity;
  • sponsorship of a student sports team;
  • landscaping of city squares and territories adjacent to office buildings;
  • financial support of one of the city’s social canteens, which provides hot meals to citizens in a difficult situation;
  • support of labor veterans;
  • a number of other important social activities on a charitable basis.

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