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16 December 2015


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Given the increasing maturity of IT management, more and more attention is paid to the software asset management. The subject lying on the intersection of legal studies, accounting and management, technological solutions for software detecting and accounting is many-sided and complex.

itSMF Russia offers a unified independent platform for knowledge exchange between all parties concerned and holds the All-Russian full-scale conference on SAM.

More about the conference

SAMday is a one-day conference held in the best traditions of All-Russian Conferences of itSMF Russia — with a number of innovations that make it even more useful and effective.

Expert practitioners, including employees of ICL Services, who will answer most questions on asset management software and software licensing issues, give specific recommendations and talk about means of software license identification, inventory and management, as well as the responsibility for failure to comply with legal requirements, will gather in Moscow on March, 23.

The conference is intended for CIOs and IT department heads of companies from different industries, experts on software asset management. 250 people are expected to participate.

We invite experts to share their experience in software licensing and talk about the nuances and means of software identification, license management and the experience of interaction with suppliers, give specific advice and hold workshops.

For more information see the itSMF Russia web-site.


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