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1 October 2015


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ICL Solutions celebrated its 22nd anniversary!

Sergey Andreev, Chief Engineer who was at the origin of the team in 1993, told us the history of creation of ICL Solutions in the ICL company group: «We were invited by the British company ICL to participate in a joint project on «Zainsk Aggregate Plant», while we were still working in «NGO Volga.» They won in the tender for implementation of an MRP-II system and were seeking for partners who could translate the product version for the customer into Russian. By that time, «NGO Volga» had its own team of implementers and developed solutions; we had experience with similar tasks. Therefore, both we and ICL objectively assessed the expediency of partnership and began our collaboration, which later grew into a union of two companies. I have witnessed many changes in the company over 22 years. Now, we work under the ICL Solutions brand and share knowledge accumulated over many years, experience and expertise with our customers.

ICL Solutions was also congratulated by:

The first team expert, now a senior software engineer, Head of MAX software support team, Rustem Gizatullin: «I wish that the next 22 years would be no less eventful for our company than the previous ones and team results would increase by 22% every year.»

Natalya Kuznetsova, ERP Senior engineer: «Our team has a very high level of professionalism and environment here is comfortable and friendly.»

Gulnara Azgarovna Sharafetdinova, Director: «Today we have an excellent reason for fun! 22 is considerable age: ICL Solutions is a time-tested sign of quality. Happy Birthday, ICL Solutions! Good luck and prosperity to you!»

We wish ICL Solutions to not settle on the success they achieved, always set ambitious goals and achieve them.


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