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21 March 2022


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1C technical support for an international pharmaceutical company

Today, most companies strive to move most internal and external processes to a single window format, with a single IT solution applied to several single-type or single-profile tasks. This approach saves time, facilitates communication and, overall, monetizes work processes.
A large international pharmaceutical company has more than a hundred corporate applications, each of which was handled by a different contractor. Part of the company’s global strategy was outsourcing the support for several services, spanning from customer service to enterprise application support, to one service provider. In 2015, joint work began with the IT service company ICL Services (part of the ICL Group), which offered the best solutions for encompassing all corporate applications of the pharmaceutical company in the region of Eurasia. Among them are are 1C:Document Management and 1C:Salary and Personnel Management.

Before the cooperation with ICL Services started, these applications were supported only on the first line of Service Desk in the form of user consultations. Since 2020, however, the ICL Services team also began to support them on the second and third lines, making changes to, integrating and optimizing business processes.

Three lines of support
The main objective laid out before ICL Services specialists was to provide full technical support for 1C products, from incident management to updates and integrations. To that end, in the summer of 2020, the ICL Services team began to acquire experience from the previous solution support contractor, studied the product, and underwent appropriate certification. The transition phase lasted for 4 months.

Outsourced support included 1C:Payroll and HR Management, 1C:Document Management, and five non-standard configurations used by about 300 employees in Russia, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries. These modules have many integrations with SAP, Share Point, BI systems, and other applications.

To ensure the smooth operation of these solutions, support has been organized in the following fashion. Requests from users come to Service Now, the first line routes and prioritizes them, designating how much time finding the solution requires:
- priority 1 — 2 hours;
- priority 2 — 4 hours;
- priority 3 — 8 hours;
- priority 4 — 16 hours.

If the problem is related to 1C, it comes to the second line, which solves issues such as incorrect accrual of wages, inability to generate a declaration of personal income tax, issues with access to the vacation system and other problems. Second line specialists can proceed autonomously to the solution or contact an employee to learn more about the details. Every month, the second support line handles more than a hundred calls with a high SLA level.

On the third line, ICL Services is engaged in expanding and improving functionality: customizing 1C configurations, generating management reports, and updating releases. Thus, the configuration of 1C: Document Management was modified according to business requirements and supplemented with self-created modules:
- 1C: Cost Management;
- 1C: Fleet and Fuel Card Management;
- 1C: External Experts;
- 1C: Vacation and Time Off Management, and others.

1C: Document Management and 1C: Salary and HR Management are also integrated with many third-party solutions such as CRM-systems Bitrix, OneCRM, CHLOE and other systems.

To realize the project, ICL Services team spends about 300 hours a month on finalizing configurations and integrations to ensure that 1C products take into account all features of business processes of the pharmaceutical company. To reduce the number of support calls, the ICL Services team continues to work with typical bugs, compiles instructions for handling them, and trains the customer’s employees.

For effective work that meets the challenges of time, the ICL Services project team has a separate specialist who regularly monitors the 1C products for compliance with the laws of different countries. When the regulatory framework changes, this specialist analyzes the readiness of the vendor’s release and initiates it. If the release is not yet ready, ICL Services independently modifies the 1C module in question and brings it in line with the new legislation.

In addition, the ICL Services team completed two projects as part of the contract with the customer. The first one was tied to the allocation of a separate business unit into an autonomous legal entity. It was accomplished in 13 months in the normal operational regime of 1C systems. The second project, implemented within 12 months, was tied to the creation of a single information space and the transition to the system 1C: CRM as the main source of data.

Stability and high level of service
Today, the ICL Services team provides quality technical support for pharmaceutical company’s 1C products on the second and third lines, processing more than a hundred calls per month with the fulfillment of SLA indicators. The stable service team has a full technology stack and provides support in accordance with the ITIL guidelines.

Regular reports and meetings with customer specialists help the ICL Services team identify potential service issues in advance. Thanks to this, the customer structures the work order more effectively, saves time and financial resources.

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