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Workshop of the founder and president of SIG governance academy Mike Beals

Workshop of the founder and president of SIG governance academy Mike Beals

ICL Services, with the support of the Association of strategic outsourcing ASTRA, invites CEOs and CIOs of major companies to participate in the closed professional workshop of the founder and president of SIG Governance Academy Mike Beals that will take place on July 12, 2016 in Moscow.

Workshop of Mike Beals, which will be held on Tuesday, July 12, 2016, is a unique opportunity to communicate with a world-class expert in the field of outsourcing and management. The expert will answer such pressing business questions as:

  1. how to effectively build a management structure and conduct successful outsourcing projects within a company;
  2. how to profitably introduce IT outsourcing in a company's development strategy.

The workshop will end with an interactive round table and open discussion, where participants and invited experts will share their real experience of the implementation of outsourcing tools in Russia.

The purpose of this event  is to attract the attention of service customers and experts to the most critical components of successful outsourcing relationships and best practices of BRICS+ countries in this field — Outsourcing Governance and Customer Experience. The project is aimed at top managers and CIOs of major Russian companies.

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