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  • from 2 weeks AR applications development
  • от 1 ,5 months VR applications development
  • 100 % Immersion into the virtual world
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This service is for you if:
  • You have expensive equipment which is used to train interns and improve the skills of specialists
  • A hazardous production facility, for which special access is required, a need for training in safety and fire safety
  • Equipment of varying degrees of complexity that needs to be repaired, but at the same time, the repair crew does not have the opportunity to carry equipment documentation with them
  • A presentation object (a car, a building, an apartment, equipment, a museum, etc.) to which attention must be drawn, but in reality, it takes a lot of material expenses to make a prototype of an object
  • Personnel (sales personnel/workers/cashiers) who need to be trained in the sequence of actions when servicing the technological chain in production or in a store/ready-to-eat point

Virtual reality (VR) technologies have walked tall in various fields of activity: medicine, pharmaceuticals, industry, education, retail, ready-to-eat points, museums, etc.

We create applications to simulate real events in virtual (VR) or augmented (AR) realities.

VR applications are developed for complete immersion in the virtual world. Simulate any situation, including supernumerary in any professional sphere without any infliction of harm on people and expensive equipment, with the aim of effective training and obtaining useful professional skills.

We can simulate:

  • Teaching the sequence of actions in manufacturing and industrial processes of any level of complexity: mining landfills, explosive mining operations, rail links, fire safety at work and an enterprise (company), driving a car
  • Industrial processes: equipment repair, analysis and repair of the aircraft/car engine, business negotiations
  • Retail: showroom of apartments at the stage of excavation, repair of refrigeration and cash equipment, creating a product catalogue in 3D, training workers in professional skills, mass training of cashiers working with consumers, cooking food at ready-to-eat catering points
  • Pharmacy and medicine: carrying out testing in a chemical laboratory, conducting operations and demonstrating new medicines by health workers
  • Museums: guide to historical architectural buildings or museums

In contrast to VR projects, in AR application we add elements of a digital world to the real one. We create AR applications for iOS, Android. We provide two methods of distribution: through corporate application stores (App Store, Google Play) and in-house applications (for distribution within the company)

Provide a full range of services from the development of scenarios and software to the delivery of equipment:

  • Generation of a concept. Develop and coordinate VR/AR-scenarios and design layouts with the Client
  • Develop interactive VR applications: drawing graphics, preparing effects, preparing animations, writing mechanics, plotting, testing and optimization
  • Set up the integration of AR application or VR project with corporate client resources, for example, CRM
  • Carry out further maintenance and software support
The essential stages of Virtual and Augmented Reality
  1. 1. Analysis of initial requirements
    VR/AR project specification, the formation of a registry of functional and non-functional requirements

    2. Prototyping
    Studying the possibility of using different scenarios, demonstrating the embodiment of a model and design

    3. Programming effort analysis
    Optimistic and pessimistic assessments, studying the risks associated with the implementation of a chosen technical solution

    4. Development
    Creation of 3D models, writing code for the chosen solution, eliminating defects identified during testing

    5. Deployment
    Creation of installation packages, writing scripts and instructions to synchronize new technical solutions with test or working platforms

    6. Warranty technical support
    Elimination of errors and defects that were found during the use of a solution, making changes to the finished system

    7. Auditing
    Performance analysis, studying the sequence of approaches and finding ways to optimize them

    8. Documenting
    Writing technical/accompanying documentation

    9. Testing
    Verification of a developed project for compliance with the requirements, correction of defects

    10. Implementation Service
    Effective implementation through training and consultation upon previous experience, improvement of product quality, taking into account the development of advanced technologies

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