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Storage system management

  • 13,5 petabytes of data on service
  • More than 10 000 units of small, medium and large enterprise-class
  • Service level from 99,5 to 99,999 (2 nines — 5 nines)
  • More than 10 000 users have full range of modern storage system and networking capabilities
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This service is for you if:
  • DSS are critical for the company and you need to be confident in the provision of a specified system and its functionality (availability, reliability, performance);
  • reducing the costs of data storage management and improving the efficiency of their use are needed;
  • you want to achieve transparency and predictability of costs of DSS maintaining (pay per device, per GB);
  • you are interested in increased return on investment in IT, quick response to business requirements, prompt problem solving and implementation of changes.

Information exchange and decision-making in a company are impossible without confidence in the integrity of data and obtaining it as the business demands (Data availability where and when needed), this is hard to do without DSS management.

Aspects of Storage System management are:

  • supporting the work of data storage systems and networks (including converged), as well as related applications needed for the highest quality of service provision;
  • appropriate, pre-agreed level of support: DSS availability, response time, time for resolving incidents, problems, implementing solutions, reporting, etc;
  • continuously improving quality of the service provided.

Service composition may also include:

  • capacity and performance management;
  • advanced integration with other systems and special reporting;
  • data security management (within storage systems) and ensuring compliance with legal requirements for storage and processing of information;
  • data migration.

Our support teams have years of experience with domestic and foreign customers. We support large environments for a number of major companies in Russia and Europe.

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— Dmitry Prokofiev

expert in Storage system management

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