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This service is for you if:
  • you want to automate processes that are completely or partially manually implemented to improve their efficiency and decrease errors;
  • you want to update existing systems or fully re-implement those using current technologies but don’t know the best way to do it;
  • you wish to build a new application but not sure if the IT-specialists (yours or your providers) will develop exactly what you need;
  • you have running applications but you experience difficulties with their audit, support and development because you have no appropriate knowledge or only a few of key specialists have it;
  • you are not satisfied with the performance, scalability, stress-tolerance, security or other quality attributes of your systems;
  • you want to hold a tendering procedure for creating a brand new application and need participants to understand the requirements as quickly and accurately as possible;
  • you have a team of the IT-developers and you wish to increase their work efficiency.

Code writing, debugging and implementation are important but not self-sufficient elements of software development. Success of an IT-project depends on many components: proper requirements analysis, technical solution preparation, estimation and optimization of labor costs, suitable methodology selection, audit, and creation of the accompanying documentation.

We offer our assistance in the solution of these problems using the following development technologies: NET 1.0-4.5, ASP.NET, MS SQL Server, SharePoint, Java, Oracle Database, HTML/DHTML/CSS, XML/XSLT, SQL, SOAP, AJAX, BizTalk etc.


  • research and formalize essential processes into usage scenarios, diagrams and schemes;
  • offer and describe technical solution options that meet all requirements;
  • create models demonstrating appropriateness of desired solutions;
  • estimate costs and timelines of implementation and suggest ways of optimization;
  • carry out a thorough review and analysis of the source code, documentation, executable modules and change history using reverse engineering methods;
  • as an outcome create technical requirements, high and low level architecture description and other technical and end-user documentation;
  • conduct suitable system audit and gap analysis;
  • suggest and describe available options for re-solution of the discovered issues;
  • analyze the requirements and present the technical part of a tendering procedure in the most unambiguous way so there is complete clarity;
  • analyze existing development processes, their formalization and maturity level, correspondence to the CMMI standards and/or Lean/Agile principles;
  • suggest steps for improvement in accordance with your business direction.

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— Leonid Zakirov

expert in Software development consulting

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