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  • 90% of calls accepted in 30 seconds
  • 24/7/365 support
  • 70% of requests are resolved during user’s first call
  • 99.8% of calls resolved in agreed timeframe (SLA)
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This service is for you if:
  • number of calls to IT service is growing rapidly;
  • calls resolution becomes not efficient and quick enough;
  • cost of IT maintenance, development and management is growing;
  • general employees’ satisfaction with the IT service quality has degraded.

The main goal of Service Desk is to restore customer operation to normal or execute a request as quickly as possible solving the majority of registered calls during a user’s first contact. The Service Desk coordinates resolution of incidents or requests transferred to other resolver groups and manages related communication.

Service Desk includes handling of calls (including incidents, service requests etc):

  • in a manner reflecting current customer business process operation and user expectation;
  • in the language preferred and agreed with the customer;
  • in accordance with contractual service level agreement (SLA) requirements, agreed processes and best practices.

Service Desk ensures that a call is resolved and closed by:

  • providing required information or advising customer on a proper action;
  • effectively reusing knowledge accumulated during calls handling;
  • remotely connecting to affected device to diagnose and resolve the reported issue;
  • coordinating resolution of all calls reported to Service Desk;
  • continuously analyzing and improving performance based on Lean principles.

For the customers that do not expect calls resolution due to the nature of the business requirements pure Call Center service is available as the most cost effective solution. Call Center includes single point of contact function for all calls in scope, accept and route calls to proper resolver group.

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— Raushan Karimov
Service Desk Expert
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