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Service Desk with Artificial Intelligence technologies

  • Up to 30% reduction in Service Desk costs
  • Up to 80% of inquiries are processed with the use of automation means
  • 9.8 out of 10 — user satisfaction rate
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This service is for you if:
  • It is important for you to reduce the cost of user support by automating Service Desk without losing quality.
  • You want to transform the first-line IT support service into a single-window service for any inquiries.
  • You’d like to provide your employees with convenient, modern channels of communication with various company services, to speed up the processing of requests, to improve the efficiency and satisfaction of employees and business.
  • You need to be able to scale, provide the same high level of service at all points of presence, and enable fast, automated execution of requests.
  • It is strategically important for you to move towards digital transformation and to get successful AI implementation cases in your company.
  • You do not have enough experienced developers in the field of AI and the necessary computing power.

Service Desk with Artificial Intelligence technologies combines the experience in IT service gained by ICL Services when working with customers around the world. It is the first line of user support, using a set of standard and proven automation solutions that are highly flexible and customizable taking into account the specifics of the IT environment and customer processes.

Core elements of the Service:

1. ICL Services team: 

  • Operational personnel: dedicated service manager, operational manager, quality supervisors, coaches, core team of operators with experience in implementing projects for the transfer and provision of first-line support services. 

Service digital transformation team: 

  • business analyst and automation solutions architect;
  • scrum master for managing the implementation of digital solutions;
  • a team of developers of ML-solutions and integrators of IT systems with experience in automation of Service Desk tasks.

2. A set of standard solutions and architectures for automating user support tasks, including:

  • multichannel service (chats, web-portal, Mobile App);
  • interactive solutions (chat bot, voice assistant);
  • a system for automating approval and query execution procedures; 
  • decision-making automation using artificial intelligence (pre-trained neural network models).

3. Service management processes, including:

  • operational management (incident management, service requests, configurations management); 
  • quality management (service level management, quality control for contact processing); 
  • continuous improvement of quality based on LEAN techniques; 
  • knowledge management; information security processes; 
  • CI/CD.
4. Service delivery tools:

  • inquiry management system;
  • ICL Cloud;
  • Cloud ITSM system and/or API connectors to the customer’s ITSM system;
  • knowledge management system;
  • additional computing power for training neural network models;
  • redundant data transfer channels, secure infrastructure, including provision of physical security.

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— Raushan Karimov

Service Desk Expert

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