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  • More than 150 Windows/Linux/Unix server support specialists
  • More than 50 customers
  • More than 8 000 supported servers
  • 2times average increase of the server’s availability
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This service is for you if:
  • server maintenance is expensive (for companies with more than 10 servers);
  • you need round-the-clock server maintenance;
  • you need to reduce the cost of supporting high-end operating systems (such as HPUX or AIX);
  • you want to be confident in the smooth operation of the company’s servers and minimize unplanned downtime;
  • your own IT service can’t manage complex server equipment;
  • you do not want to be distracted from the main work with business applications for worrying about the operability of the servers where these apps are installed.


  • basic configuration of new servers;
  • ensuring stable and uninterrupted operation of servers according to a Service Level Agreement (SLA);
  • agreed modification of the OS configuration;
  • prevention and prompt solving of problems arising in the OS operation;
  • competent decommissioning of equipment after the expiration of the lifetime.

Our team provides professional maintenance for all modern operating systems:

  • Windows Server;
  • Linux:
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux;
    • SuSE Linux Enterprise Server;
    • Oracle Linux;
    • Debian Linux and others.
  • Oracle Solaris;
  • IBM AIX;
  • HP-UX.

We also suggest that you have a look at the Server maintenance service. Our company provides repair services 24/7 and can guarantee not only the timely arrival of a specialist at the installation site or quick delivery of spare parts, but also the time period until the equipment is fully restored to working condition.

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