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Repair and maintenance of workplaces

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This service is for you if:
  • There is a need to improve the quality of service of automated workstations
  • There is a need in highly professional specialists who could solve emerging problems
  • There is a need to reduce equipment expenses
  • There is a need to optimise maintenance costs

In order to support computer and peripheral equipment in working condition, quite a large team of expensive IT specialists is needed. We are ready to become a single provider of support of your workstations, ensuring improvement in work quality and reduction of your costs

  1. Preparation of new workstations (installation of necessary software, installation and ensuring connection of the workstation, configuring network connection, permissions, printing devices)
  2. Regular technical support
  3. Replacement of consumables
  4. Organisation of warranty repair of equipment
  5. Post-warranty repair of equipment
  6. Write-off of equipment
  7. Recycling of equipment

Repair and support of workplaces

1st Stage

  • Carrying out pre-project inspection
  • Mutual approval of the scope of services
  • Approval of the SLA

2nd Stage

  • Transfer of the service to the performer, recall of the former team
  • Beginning of the service provision
  • Development of the service optimisation strategy

3rd Stage

  • Constant improvement of the quality of provided services
  • Optimisation of provided services, reduction of services costs
  • Monitoring the customer’s satisfaction

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— Dmitry Panfilov

expert in Repair and maintenance of AWS

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