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  • 46 hours average request fulfillment time
  • The number of incidents from the user, associated to errors or application performance 24 incidents per 100 users per month
  • 9599 % % is a success rate for mass installation of applications or patches
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This service is for you if:
  • you noticed an uncontrolled increase in the cost of servicing the user IT infrastructure;
  • your specialists work in different offices, which complicates the access of IT employees to workstations;
  • you want a world-class service for your user IT infrastructure.

Our specialists provide high-quality workstation support which is affordable even for small enterprises. This service helps ensure the smooth operation of the user IT infrastructure due to a large number of aspects, such as:

  • quick elimination of errors that correlate with the operability and effectiveness of applications and the operating system (OS);
  • reduction of downtime arising from workstations maintenance with the aim of updating and setting-up;
  • analysis of the root causes of errors in order to prevent their reoccurrence;
  • creation and implementation of programs designed to optimize workstations’ infrastructure, reduce costs and increase performance indicators;
  • installation, timely updating and setting-up of applications and OS, as well as fulfilling user requests with minimal or no employee intervention in the process.

A single access point for all users is the Service Desk, which receives, registers, routes, coordinates and manages requests from workstations. This is guaranteed by detailed work regulations and instructions, technical training of the Service Desk operators and a database of detected errors. Depending on the complexity of the problem, the Service Desk redirects some requests to the second and third user support lines.

The operational and engineering levels of user support (2nd and 3rd lines) guarantee timely and efficient resolution of incidents, implementation of changes, execution of requests, installation of updates related to the infrastructure of user workstations.

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— Emil Fakhrutdinov

expert in Remote workplace support

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