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This service is for you if:
  • Costs of maintaining the office automation equipment stock increased, or need to be assessed
  • There is no possibility to keep the service supporting office automation equipment
  • There is a need in the organisation for quality support of processes of printing, scanning and copying documents

This service allows Customers to measure and reduce their costs of maintaining the printing equipment stock. It is easy to predict costs.

Savings are achieved through:

  • The absence of additional costs for consumables
  • Release of the IT staff responsible for IT functions
  • The absence of losses due to downtime

The process begins with an assessment of the current state of the office automation equipment stock. Based on these data, several options for the provision of services will be prepared. After approval, the selected solution will be implemented. The next phase: Maintenance, management and improvement of the system.

Key stages of the provision of services:

  1. Audit - preliminary assessment, physical audit
  2. Development of the solution - data analysis, negotiating the terms of the SLA, preparation of the solution, negotiating the transformation plan
  3. Implementation - delivery of equipment, installation of equipment, configuration
  4. Print management - management of materials, management of equipment, service and support
  5. Optimisation - development of optimisation solutions
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