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This service is for you if:
  • Your business (B2B, B2C) depends on your web application's availability and performance (for example, online stores)
  • Your business is extremely sensitive even to the smallest downtime of your IT services (website) resulting in lost money
  • You care about how your mobile application works for customers and you want to provide high-quality services
  • You're looking for a comprehensive solution suitable for monitoring of web, mobile web, streaming data and cloud applications by testing real users and synthetic monitoring
  • We implement service and application key performance indicators (KPI) coupled with business KPI for IT departments
We suggest implementing a set of flexible Dynatrace solutions for monitoring frontend and backend web applications, mobile applications on various platforms, DPC infrastructure, databases (DBMS), network traffic, logs and cloud solutions.

Dynatrace solutions provide early diagnostics and preventive analytics of the functioning of IT services from the point of view of end users and individual IT infrastructure elements even before the emergence of information about a critical situation.

With the traditional approach, the work on resuming activity starts after the incident is registered. But the APM (application performance management) solution begins to sound the alarm long before the incident occurs, recording the potential decrease in the operability of a specific IT component preventively. As a result, the IT department gets more time to solve the problem.

This solution is most interesting for:
  • the geographically dispersed companies: financial organizations (banks), holding production companies in the oil and gas sector, retail, food retail, insurance companies, and pharmacy companies;
  • the data centres that provide cloud services, telecommunications companies, transport companies, and energy sector.
Dynatrace can analyse accessibility and performance in ORACLE, MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, DB2, NodeJS, AngularJS, ASP.Net, PHP, jQuery, JBoss, Apache, Spring, Docker, Kubernetes, SAP, SharePoint, MS BizTalk, Tibco, Azure, Exchange Server and many other solutions.

By implementing APM systems and transitioning onto preventive analytics, our Customers get additional features that are not found in any classical monitoring system (Zabbix, Nagios, MS, etc.):
  • monitoring of the operation of mobile applications used by the end customers;
  • analytics of end-user behaviour;
  • monitoring of the entire stack of apps, as well as microservices and container technologies;
  • automatic detection of service topology;
  • identification and analysis of causes/problems, business analytics and convenient visualization of technical and business indicators, timely notification of IT specialists about the degradation of services;
  • application performance management;
  • synthetic monitoring based on the standardized tests showing the performance of IT systems in terms of hardware and software performance metrics (such as read rate, disk write, paging speed, network utilization).
In addition, you get the ability to manage business continuity and to improve the availability of the company’s critical business processes that are supported by many different IT systems. Thanks to the preventive analytics, you get the opportunity to see and predict possible application failures in a timely manner, even before they are felt by the users and customers.

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— Alexey Skladchikov

IT infrastructure management expert

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