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IT infrastructure design

  • Over 100 successfully approved designs
  • All deisgns are 100 % compliant to highest standards
  • Over 20 design professionals
  • Over 50 design certificates
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This service is for you if:
  • You are about to undertake a complex IT infrastructure transformation or need to create it from scratch
  • You need to ensure the Service Level for the end-to-end IT infrastructure, rather than individual components
  • You need custom infrastructure solutions for purpose-built business applications
  • You prefer to focus on your business, rather than definition of technical solutions needed for support

A team of experienced IT architects and highly-qualified engineers will help you choose and design the most optimal and cost-effective solutionfor your new IT infrastructure as well as for your current infrastructure upgrade or optimization.

The main areas of Professional IT Services are:

  • IT infrastructure audit / assessment;
  • design of IT solutions to meet business requirements;
  • migration and optimization of IT infrastructure.

Our IT architects are always on the technological edge meaning that our designs are always contain the most effective and vendor-proven solutions.

We take a mature approach to IT infrastructure designs creation at all stages of the design lifecycle. We apply best practice from recognized leaders in the IT industry, as well as our own extensive experience with numerous successful designs.

On the Russian market all designs can be created with 100% GOST compliance.

We can also implement a solution of any complexity if needed.

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— Bulat Yagudin
expert in IT infrastructure design
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