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  • up to 50% Improved traffic efficiency
  • up to 90% Accident rate reduction
  • up to 30% Reduction of harmful emissions into the environment
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This service is for you if:
  • You run a city with a population of more than 100,000 people or federal roads;
  • The city layout is outdated: for example, the streets are too narrow, there are traffic jams, and road safety is extremely low;
  • You want to increase the traffic capacity of roads without engaging in expensive renovation;
  • You have a limited budget for building new roads and renovating the old ones;
  • You need to comply with the recommendations of federal laws on the implementation of ITSs;
  • You need to improve road safety and/or the comfort of road users without a significant loss of resources.
The constantly growing level of motorisation in Russia results in an overstressed road network, traffic problems and a drop in traffic safety. The introduction of ITS helps optimise road traffic and increase road safety without a costly renovation of the road network or when said renovation is impossible. Construction or expansion of roads is often impossible because of the existing urban areas or high costs, and ITS, in turn, allow you to make the most of the existing road network, optimise all processes and increase comfort and safety, and also help you make informed management decisions regarding the expansion and development of the road network.

The existing road network is surrounded by high-density urban development areas, which results in an extremely limited traffic capacity. Because of the constant increase in the number of vehicles, critical peak loads, as well as incidents (road accidents and others), the existing road network is overloaded, and a large traffic congestion occurs, as a result of which the time of correspondence increases, and the comfort decreases. Construction or expansion of roads is often impossible or extremely expensive because of the existing urban areas or high land cost. Construction of new roads creates a high burden on the budget at all stages (design, purchase of land, construction, maintenance). At minimal cost, ITS allow you to use the existing road network as efficiently as possible, optimise all processes, improve comfort and increase safety, as well as make informed management decisions regarding the expansion and development of the road network.

ICL Services has extensive experience in the field of intelligent transport systems and offers an expert solution that involves their development, implementation into the customer's business structure and support. Strong partnership ties with the largest vendors and the professionalism of our experts allow us to keep our prices fair and affordable.

Key stages of the service:

  • Identifying customer needs.
  • Surveying the existing road network and systems. System design and selection.
  • Implementation.
  • Support and maintenance.
  • Modernisation and expansion.

What technologies we use:

Automated traffic control systems (ATCS)
A hardware/software system and organisational arrangements aimed at ensuring traffic safety, improving the parameters of the road network, reducing transport delays and improving the environmental situation.

Traffic control centres (TCC)
A separate set of workstations equipped with specific software and hardware to monitor traffic, ensure prompt response in case of traffic emergencies, manage road infrastructure maintenance and control traffic using ATCS components.

Photo and video recording systems (PVRSs) for traffic violations
Special technical tools operating in automatic mode and possessing the ability to take pictures and videos to control traffic, improve road safety and record administrative traffic violations.

Hardware/software weight and dimensional control stations (HSWDCS)
Installation of automated weight and dimensional control stations to prevent damage to roads from overloaded vehicles, increase the service life of roads and save the budget for repair works.

Parking space management systems
A system for monitoring vehicles, managing parking spaces, selling parking tickets and providing information to the residents of urban agglomerations to reduce transport delays and improve the quality of parking services amid high traffic load.

Intelligent public transport systems
The use of modern digital solutions to digitalise and optimise urban public transport. Single payment systems for public transport, monitoring of passenger traffic, prioritisation of public transport, ‘smart stops’.

Unified geoplatform
A unified information environment with access via a web interface for collecting, analysing and visualising scattered data on the ITS systems in use and the state of the agglomeration's road network and infrastructure, providing map services and search functions, maintaining reference books and informing users with the option to assign access privileges.

Transport planning and modelling systems
Create high-precision mathematical models that emulate the transport structure of urban agglomerations; gather, process and analyse data to optimise traffic flows and make managerial decisions. Visualise traffic flows when changing the traffic structure. Search for the best options to organise traffic.

Digital Road Network Twin system
Create a high-precision electronic copy of the road network and modify geospatial data on transport infrastructure.

Information systems for road users
Install interactive boards and variable message signs to optimise traffic flows, improve road safety and provide information to road network users.

Integrate other IT systems used to manage traffic and improve road safety
The service is primarily used to control road traffic and public transport. The main customers include various government agencies responsible for controlling road traffic and public transport.

As a result, the customer receives a number of IT systems (hardware and software) that cover their existing needs.

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— Vladimir Kayurov

Senior project manager

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