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  • Up to 80 % On average, the process of extracting and processing data from different sources is accelerated
  • ~ 0 % Error rate, even during the robot's 24-hour operation
  • 20 % Employees are fully released
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This service is for you if:
  • You use external programs and services that are not integrated with corporate information systems, so you need to manually fill in the data
  • You have many different information systems that are too expensive to integrate
  • You have a lot of legacy systems that need to be replaced, but at the same time the development and implementation of new systems is slow, and no budget is allocated for the integration of legacy systems
  • You have routine key business processes and a goal to automate them, but they are small so you have no time for them

“Robot” is a program that can perform typical and repetitive (routine) operations instead of a person in various programs using keyboard, mouse, and screen.

We suggest using technology to automate routine tasks associated with manual data entry and processing.

Interaction with Customer's applications is carried out through the existing user interface without user intervention and the use of the enterprise service bus (ESB). Robotization is not a replacement for automation, but what complements it, speeding up the processing of individual manual steps and eliminating inevitable human errors.

RPA-systems with elements of artificial intelligence can influence decision-making processes. They automate high-level processes that are typically performed by employees.

Main stages of RPA-systems implementation:

  1. Initiation and planning of project management. Business application and RPA compatibility testing
  2. Analysis and formalization of requirements, description, and modelling of processes “as is” and “how it will be”
  3. Development of project documentation
  4. System implementation
  5. The trial operation, including determination of a return of investment (ROI) of RPA-platform implementation
  6. Launching, getting operational documentation ready and training

We use UiPath Studio to develop robots and robotic scripts.

UiPath Orchestrator will be used to control robots and perform repetitive business processes according to regulations, for example, on a specific weekday or at a specific time, or when an event is triggered to launch a robot. This web application allows not only to control robots but also to monitor the activities of robots and act as an integration point with third-party applications.

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expert in SharePoint applications management

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