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Independent testing service

  • 10 testing types
  • Over 100 applications are being tested now
  • Up to 80% of test cases are automated
  • Over 100 000 test cases
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This service is for you if:
  • you are interested in increased developed software quality;
  • you are planning to reduce total risk level in your system with a help of software testing;
  • you want to achieve business operations continuity that depends on software products consistent operation.

High quality software and usage of up-to-date technologies guarantees stability of a company and affects its financial measures. This leads to increased software quality requirements.

To reduce deployment risks of bad quality solution, improve software operability and cut down software ownership costs, software product needs to be validated against the business requirements, whether it can operate in current conditions or not.

We provide full range of software testing services:

  • desktop applications;
  • web applications;
  • mobile applications.

Software testing activities include following testing types:

  • functional testing — based on component or system functional specifications analysis;
  • automated testing — uses special software to implement and execute tests, reducing testing time and simplifying testing process;
  • performance testing — determines the performance of software product;
  • Load testing — determines system’s or application’s behavior with increasing load, e.g. number of parallel users;
  • stress testing — determines the robustness of software by testing beyond the limits of its anticipated or specified work loads;
  • compatibility testing — testing how well software operates in a required hardware/software/operating system/network environment and different combinations of above;
  • localization testing — determines whether a localized product is fully operational and translated into a particular target language correctly without any other localization issues;
  • usability testing — determines the software products is ease-of-use, consistency, potential user perception and attractiveness in defined environment and operating conditions;
  • security testing — to assess software security mechanisms;
  • installation testing — Tested for full, partial, or upgrade install/uninstall processes on different operating systems under a different hardware, software environment.

Service has modular structure, so you can pick only the components required for your project. This concept allows to create a testing process, that suits your project best and allows you to use budget in the most efficient way.

Independent testing is:

  • impartial assessment of software quality level and whether it meets your company’s requirements;
  • step in the right direction to decrease number of software hidden defects.

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