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Fire protection system

  • From 30 seconds reduction of fire response time
  • 100% compliance with fire safety regulations
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This service is for you if:
  • construction of a new building is underway;
  • reconstruction of existing buildings is underway;
  • the regulatory documentation in the field of fire safety has changed;
  • the service life of fire safety equipment has expired;
  • the owner of the building received an order from the Supervisory authorities.
The service helps protect people and property from the effects of dangerous fire factors and (or) limit its consequences.

The service package includes the following components:
  • Automatic Fire Alarm (AFA) ensures monitoring of the secured premises for the appearance of fires
  • Alarm and Evacuation Management System (AEMS) enables sound, light, voice announcement warning people about a fire and helping to escort them along evacuation routes
  • Automatic Fire Extinguishing System (AFES) uses various fire extinguishing agents to eliminate fire sources. The purpose of automatic fire extinguishing installations is localization and extinguishing of fires, preservation of lives of people and animals, as well as real estate and movable property
Stages of the service provision:
  • design and survey works;
  • construction and installation works;
  • pre-commissioning operations;
  • individual and comprehensive tests;
  • system commissioning. 
As part of the service, modern technologies and equipment will be used. After the final stage, the customer’s facility will be equipped with fire protection systems that are fully compliant with applicable standards.
Key stages in the service provision:
  1. Works:

    • Stage 0. Data collection: clarification of customer needs; compilation of a budget estimate.
    • Stage 1. Design and survey: receipt (development) of technical specifications; facility inspection; system design; compilation of estimates;coordination with supervisory authorities (if necessary).
    • Stage 2. Construction and installation: development of the work production plan; obtaining the necessary permits and facility clearances; purchase of equipment and materials; assembling cable lines; conducting the necessary tests of cable lines; installation and connection of equipment.
    • Stage 3. Pre-commissioning: development of a pre-commissioning program; adjustment, configuration of certain types of equipment; software configuration.
    • Stage 4. Testing: individual tests; comprehensive tests.
    • Stage 5. System commissioning: briefing for the Customer’s personnel; preliminary commissioning; full-scale industrial commissioning.

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