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  • SLA: equipment field restoration time — from 3 hours
  • 24/7/365 support
  • 9,000+ geographic locations
  • 100,000+ service visits annuals
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This service is for you if:
  • You need to optimize costs for equipment maintenance and provision of the internal IT service.
  • You are not satisfied with the quality of service of your current provider.
  • It is necessary to ensure 24/7 service despite vacations and sick leaves.
  • You have a geographically distributed network of facilities, and you need to provide centralized maintenance with a single point of contact.
  • You have a geographically distributed network of facilities, and you need to provide centralized maintenance with a single point of contact.
Such timely troubleshooting and scheduled preventive measures result in reduction and prevention of unplanned equipment downtime.

Thanks to a wide selection of service parameters, ICL Services experts will prepare the most suitable price offer meeting the needs of your business.

Main service parameters:

Provision schedule.
The service can be provided during standard service hours (9/5, 12/5, 12/7, 24/7), as well as according to working hours of facilities or custom schedules.

Service levels.
Key quality metrics for this service are:

Response time;
2) Time of arrival at the facility;
3) Resolution time.

We offer different priority-based target values depending on the type of equipment, criticality and the impact of failures on business processes.

Types of serviced equipment.
We service IT equipment and engineering systems of varying degrees of complexity.

Geography of serviced facilities.
We provide field technical support and repairs in all regions of Russia and the CIS countries. We service both regional and geographically distributed organizations.

Scope of works.
The field service package is compiled individually for each Customer and may include the components described below.
It is managed via a Computerized Field Service Management system.

Service components:
  1. Incident resolution.

    • Recovery of operability of equipment, systems and services after an unplanned failure.
    • Incident classification, service level determination, distribution of tasks among field engineers according to the selection criteria (availability, assignment, service area, competencies, availability of materials and tools).
    • An engineer visit for onsite troubleshooting.
    • Diagnostics, repairs, and, if necessary, replacement of equipment, including removal of faulty parts and machines from the facility.
    • Configuration of a repaired or replacement device, including software installation and configuration.
  2. Planned preventive maintenance (PPM).

    • One of the key methods to minimize downtime of IT services and ensure stable operation of the Customer’s business.
    • Drawing up PPM schedules for facilities/equipment of the Customer.
    • Performing PPM per standard checklists developed for different types of equipment, or customized checklists adapted to Customer’s requirements.
  3. Execution of change requests.

    • Requests for upgrade or modification of infrastructure and information systems.
    • Implementation of changes based on the Contractor’s proposals or the Customer’s needs.
    • Defining the framework and requirements for the implementation of changes (deadlines, budget, technical solution), coordination of these with the Customer.
    • Reporting according to the agreed format.
  4. Remote diagnostics and technical support.

    • Centralized remote technical support on issues related to the use, configuration, and operation of the equipment. If necessary, information resources of the equipment manufacturer can be obtained.
    • Verification of the completeness and relevance of the requests, if necessary, clarification of details with users, efficient remote resolution of incidents in the shortest possible time.
    • Preparation of an action plan for onsite troubleshooting and recommendations for spare parts that the field engineer should bring.
    • Methodological and technical consultations for field engineers and representatives of the Customer.
    • Identification of issues and negative trends, incident root cause analysis.
    • Development of standard documented solutions, updates to the database and spare parts catalogue.
  5. Replacement pool management.

    • Management of Customer’s replacement equipment transferred to the Service Provider to fulfil contractual obligations.
    • Inventory of equipment for which the Contractor is liable.
    • Determination of the minimum required stock of replacement equipment and its quantity.
    • Maintenance of a list of equipment with all identification data in the Contractor’s information system.
    • Equipment acceptance at the Contractor’s warehouses, if necessary — setting up of regional warehouses.
    • Preparation of accounting documents per the specified format to register the equipment transfer operations.
    • Monitoring the state of the minimum required stock of replacement equipment, if necessary, submitting requests to the Customer urging them to replenish the replacement pool.
    • Regular reporting on the current status of the pool.
  6. Repair management.

    • Repair management includes a set of operations for restoring equipment in case a malfunction cannot be fixed onsite.
    • Centralized control center for repair management.
    • Equipment repair at Service centers of ICL Services.
    • Equipment repair at partner Service centers in Russia and the CIS countries.
    • Warranty and post-warranty equipment repair.
    • Equipment upgrade.
    • Customized inspections and tests.
    • Issuance of technical examination reports.
  7. Operational monitoring of equipment.

    • Monitoring is performed with the help of an information system into which all configuration units are entered.
    • Distributed monitoring of equipment and business applications.
    • Integration with the field service management system to automate the incident registration process and provide prompt response to emergency situations.
    • If necessary, additional alerts about new events via messengers and e-mail.
    • Regular reporting on the status of equipment and consumables.
  8. Engineering system maintenance.

    • Servicing of engineering systems and equipment at administrative, industrial, and telecommunication facilities.
    • Functionality check for elements of engineering systems.
    • Maintenance and scheduled repairs.
    • Urgent emergency visits for troubleshooting are carried out in accordance with the maintenance regulations, instructions of equipment manufacturers, and in compliance with safety requirements.
  9. IT hardware inventory.

    • Independent assessment of the current state of the IT infrastructure.
    • Collection of data on the hardware and software components of the IT equipment.
    • Equipment labeling.
    • Input of information in the inventory database, updating the configuration management database.
    • Processing of the collected data, reporting.
  10. Equipment disposal.

    • Expert assessment of the technical condition of the equipment and execution of the examination report so that the Customer's accounting department could draw up a certificate of wear and tear and decommission the fixed assets.
    • In case of a comprehensive disposal of office equipment, the technical condition examination report is executed free of charge.
    • The cost of the disposal service depends on the amount of decommissioned equipment.
    • The Customer is handed over a work completion certificate after the disposal.
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