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  • More than 20 years of experience in developing, implementing and maintaining systems based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain / Dynamics AX
  • 24/7/365 accessibility of the experts
  • More than 40 certificates for different versions of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain / Dynamics AX
  • 20% budget saving for hiring, training and maintaining your own staff for implementation of the project and maintenance of the solution based on MS Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain
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This service is for you if:
  • It is time to upgrade your legacy system to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain to improve financial performance, reduce costs, implement solutions for centralised enterprise system and increase revenue by connecting partners, customers, vendors and employees;
  • Your organisation is planning to accelerate business growth and requires supply chain flexibility;
  • Identified changes in existing business processes require enhancement of existing solution;
  • The human resource with technical expertise shortage limits or holds off the development enhancement of the existing system;
  • Your organisation seeks the highest quality service of outsourcing Dynamics AX/ 365 products;
  • Enterprise business processes have to be automated, however your organisation does not know where to start and is looking for experts who can offer the best experience in implementing Dynamics 365 solutions;
  • There are any problems with identifying business needs and translate them into technical requirements.
Microsoft Dynamics® 365 is a cloud-based platform of enterprise resource planning consisting of the following modules:

  • Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management – Keep track of all your finances & inventory and enable your organisation to accelerate business growth;
  • Dynamics 365 HR - Increase organisational agility and boost employee engagement and satisfaction;
  • Dynamics 365 Commerce - Engage every customer, everywhere and Empower employees to meet business needs.
Out-Of-The-Box integration and data synchronization functionality is available between all Microsoft Dynamics 365 products. It is possible to build tailored solutions, which accelerate business growth and boost overall performance of your organisation.

  1. Implementation of Dynamics 365 solutions:
    • Design & delivery of tailored solutions in alignment with business requirements;

    • Enhancement and modification of the current system;

    • Software development based on functional & technical design specifications;

    • Maintenance and upgrade to the latest versions.

  2. Support of Dynamics 365
    • Customization and consulting;
    • User training;
    • Support management of application issues;
    • Performance monitoring.
  3. Enhancement of Dynamics 365 applications:
    • Design functional documentation based on gathered technical/ functional requirements;
    • Customization & integration;
    • Mobile apps development;
    • Reporting: develop key financial, production and BI dashboards to meet complex business requirements;
    • Corporate portal development.

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— Rinat Khabibullin

expert in Development and support of solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics AX / Dynamics 365

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