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Development, Implementation and Support for IoT Solutions

  • Fuel costs reduced by up to 25 %
  • Output increased without changing the equipment stock by a rate of 1.5 – 2 %
  • Increased capacity utilization rate up to 200 % compared to initial figures
  • Reduced number of injuries at construction sites up to 20 %
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This service is for you if:
  • You monitor daily activities and manage a large fleet of physical assets (machine tools, cars, production lines, robotic systems and other machines)
  • You monitor working conditions to ensure worker safety
  • You are responsible for inventory and monitor the locations of a large number of fixed and mobile assets
  • You manufacture tangible products and are looking for new business models for your company
  • You want to offer your customers additional services in the form of remote support and assistance with the daily operations of your products
  • You want to accurately plan warranty and scheduled repairs, or the release of spare parts for your products
  • You are an operator or manufacturer of widely distributed physical systems that require high coordination between individual parts (HVAC, flexible production lines, etc.)

IoT solutions open up a new dimension for business owners to look at their company and help create a data-driven development strategy. The company gains a previously unattainable speed of operations, transparency of processes and opportunities for their optimization, and labor safety and other aspects of the company's activity also increase to a new level.

At the technical implementation stage, our experts solve the following tasks:

  • Development of the network and software architectures of the solution
  • Preparation of IT infrastructure, if necessary We work both with the capacities of the customer, and with full cloud or hybrid deployments
  • Development of client and server applications, as well as embedded software
  • Functional, integration and load testing
  • Drafting documentation

We base our IoT project implementation services on our wealth of collaborative experience in managing large-scale projects for leading Russian and international companies. Participation in international projects has allowed us to create and develop a network of reliable partners providing the best IT solutions on the market, including Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, VMWare, and others. Any IoT project is linked to system integration, and partnerships are critical. Our wide-ranging ties with global and Russian suppliers help us take on even the most complex projects of any scale.

ICL Services has extensive technical and managerial experience, the latter of which is equally important for IoT projects. Practice shows that the majority of IoT implementation projects fail if the system integrator has only expertise. All of our tech solutions are selected solely on the basis of business cases built together with the customer.

We don't sell tech solutions: we sell technology-based business improvements.

Are there any guarantees?

No IoT project can be implemented without taking into account the specifics of a customer's business, which means no technical or organizational decisions can be made without mutual preparatory works. The end result of this work is a business plan for the implementation of an IoT solution. Such a business plan is only a hypothesis about how effective the solution will be, while this hypothesis is verified at the stage of a small pilot implementation (short term, a small number of physical objects, etc.). As a rule, the cost of such a "pilot" is significantly lower than full-scale implementation and future benefits, which justifies the need for its implementation. If the results of the pilot project do not confirm the hypothesis as regards project efficiency and do not match the target ROI, we continue to look for another acceptable solution. Thus, we guarantee you will never make significant investments in a failed project.

For whom is this service?

  • Manufacturing enterprises in the machine building, chemical, metallurgy, and wood processing industries
  • Retail, logistics
  • Medicine, pharma
  • Fuel and energy companies
  • Developers
  • Insurance companies (car insurance, life insurance, property insurance)

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— Ilya Appolonov

Expert on the development and support of IoT solutions

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